How to Remove Glues from Your Carpet? A Complete Guide

Glue is one of the essential items in a home or office. We use this substance to repair broken things by binding them together. However, sometimes this useful adhesive can get onto our carpets accidentally. When that happens, the story becomes entirely different.

It forms a stain that can damage the aesthetic of your carpet. And since you’re reading this article now, it’s probably because you have found yourself in a similar situation. If that’s true, we won’t waste your time.

We are going to show you how to remove glue from carpets. Additionally, we’ll give you tips on how to remove various types of glues on your carpet. So, let’s get down to it.

Glue Removal From Carpet – Made Easy

You need to act quickly when you realize that glue has spilled on your carpet. The quicker you react, the better chances you have of getting rid of the glue completely. If you let the glue dry, it will clump the fibers of your carpet which leaves an ugly stain on them.

Here are the steps you should follow to ensure that the glue doesn’t ruin the beauty of your lovely carpet:

Step One: Absorb

As soon as you spill glue on the carpet, first try soaking up as much of it as you can. Utilize a clean paper towel to press it down on the spillage to absorb the wet glue. You should repeat this process with clean paper towels until all the glue is absorbed.

Step Two: Acetone

Look for a cotton swap or cotton ball and dip it into a safe acetone fluid such as nail polish remover. Press it gently on the spillage. That ought to begin loosening the glue that fell onto your carpet fibers. Sometimes the cotton can dry up before the glue breaks down. In that case, just dampen a new ball or swap with the acetone. Repeat the process until you’re able to absorb the glue.

Step Three: Dab

You need a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of ammonia. Mix them and use the solution to remove the glue on your carpet. Use a clean and light-colored cloth to dab continuously the solution into the stain. By so doing, the glue should transfer gradually from the carpet fibers to the cloth. Repeat this process until you remove all of the glue.

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Step Four: Clean

Now that you have removed most of the glue from the carpet, dip another clean cloth into warm water and wipe over the stain spot. That will help to get rid of any remaining residue. Lastly, use a clean towel to dry the carpet.

how to remove glue from carpets

How to Remove Various Types of Glue from Carpets?

1. Gorilla Glue

This glue is a type of polyurethane adhesive popular for its power and reliability when it comes to sticking things together. The glue features durable and lasting adhesive properties. You can use it on several objects and surfaces, which makes it a good choice for many people.

However, it gets on carpets, the entire story changes. It sticks quickly on the carpet’s fibers and forms unsightly stains. If it happens to spill on your carpet, you have to clean it the right way to get rid of any excess stains of the glue. Here’s what you should do:

  • Scrap the stain away using a plastic knife
  • Use an acetone solution on the stained carpet spot
  • Ensure that you do this carefully because a small mistake can ruin the entire carpet. When you do it well, you’ll remove the glue stains, which have dried upon it.

2. Wood Glue

It also has very strong adhesive properties. You need to take care of your carpet as soon as wood glue spills on it. If left untreated, its powerful adhesive can damage your carpet permanently. Find and utilize an effective solvent like distilled vinegar. Such a solvent will help break the stain away. Follow these steps:

  • Apply a little amount of distilled vinegar on the stained spot
  • Look for a clean, dry rag and lay it horizontally on the top of the stained spot
  • Next, put some steam on the spot with a steaming iron. Ensure you set the iron at medium heat. That will help break away and disintegrate the residue glue particles.
  • Once you’ve been able to remove the stain, clean your carpet using water and gentle soap

3. Hot Glue

Hot glue is an excellent option for sticking things together instantly. If you’re using it during art and craft and unfortunately drip down on your carpet, you have to react quickly. Don’t wait for any second because it can leave a permanent stain if left untreated for long. Here’s what to do:

  • Utilize a thin fabric piece and press it against the dried stain
  • Grab your iron at a medium setting and rub it over the top of the fabric. That should transfer the hot glue from your carpet to the thin fabric.
  • Ensure you don’t wipe any dried or fresh hot glue stain. That’s because it can only make the entire thing worse.
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4. Hair Glue

Most hair glue is water-based. You can remove the type of stain it forms using a natural solution such as warm water and distilled vinegar. Follow these steps:

  • Dip a clean into warm water and vinegar mixture
  • Apply the cloth to the stained spot
  • Repeat this until all the stain marks are completely out

If the glue isn’t water-based, you’ll require a more powerful solvent such as acetone solution to break the stain away. In that case, follow these steps:

  • Add some drops of the solvent to a clean cloth
  • Apply the solvent to the stained spot
  • Ensure you use the solvent sparingly so that your carpet fabrics don’t get discolored.

5. PVC Glue

This is another type of glue with powerful adhesive properties. If it happens to get on your carpet, it can leave lasting damage. The glue is used on PVC pipes and it’s a slow-drying compound. It’s not easy to remove it but you have to put in all the effort you can to get rid of it from your carpet. The following are the steps you should follow:

  • Use a sharp knife to remove the glue stains dried up on your carpet. Look for a plastic knife if your carpet has sensitive fabric.
  • Scrape off the fibers of the badly damaged carpet
  • Use warm water and white distilled white vinegar solution to break the stains away. Alternatively, you can utilize warm water and a dish detergent soap.
  • Use a clean cloth to rub the stain gently in a circular motion
  • The glue stain can be stubborn. So, repeat the entire process until you see it disappear.

Other Effective Methods of Removing Glue from Carpets

1. Use Dish Soap and Vinegar

The dish soap and vinegar mixture removes glue stains on carpets effectively. They work together well to remove a variety of carpet stains. So, you can use it to remove any glue that spills on your carpet. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, you need to remove as much glue as you can. If you just spilled the glue, dab with a dry towel. If the glue has dried, dab with a warm damp towel. Scrape the stain using the blunt side of a butter knife.
  • Next, soak a clean cloth in distilled white vinegar
  • Wipe the affected spot for a while until the spot is wet
  • Leave the vinegar for about 15 minutes. It will loosen the adhesive making it simpler to lift the stain.
  • Measure one tablespoon of dish soap and mix it with one cup of warm water.
  • Dip a clean cloth into the mix and dap it on the remaining glue area
  • Scrub gently to lift the glue stain
  • Dab the area with a separate cloth. The stain should disappear after that.
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2. Ammonia

It can also be an alternative method of removing glue stains on carpets at home. Indeed, this technique is quite an extreme one. It’s particularly useful for removing dried glue. If you have some in your house, follow these steps to remove glue on your carpet:

  • Scoop one teaspoon of the substance and mix it in a cup of water. Stir the mixture.
  • Soak a clean cloth in the solution. Ensure you wear gloves
  • Blot the affected area until the glue stain begins transferring to the cloth. Repeat the process until you lift all the stains.

Final Thought

Glue can form bad stains on your carpet when you accidentally spill it. These stains can be difficult to remove, especially if left unattended for a long time. When that happens, the resulting stains can ruin the aesthetic of your carpet. You can prevent this from happening by acting as soon as the accident happens.

Don’t allow the glue to sit for a long time. Utilize one of the above methods that you’ll find most convenient for your needs. Remember “prevention is better than cure.” Try to keep the glue away from carpets as much as possible.