The Ultimate Carpet Stain Removal Guide & Hacks

Do you feel frustrated with the carpet stains that are sometimes very difficult to remove? Do you want to remove the unpleasant odor from the stains? Is there any way for you to remove them as soon as possible?

With this guide, you can do it. This is the guide that will help you remove the stains on your carpet and keep your carpet fresh. Now, what you need to do is to learn more about carpet stains and how you can deal with them.

Various Sources of Carpet Stain

The stains on your carpet can come from various sources. Some carpets might make the stains sink into the deepest layers of the fabrics, while some others might not do it because the stains can’t enter the deeper layers of the fabrics.

However, the important thing that you need to pay attention to is that the longer you keep the stains on the carpet, the longer they will sink into the deeper layers of the fabrics and the more difficult it will be for you to remove them.

Here are various sources of carpet stain that you need to know:

  • Pet Stains. It can be vomit, poop, or pee from your pets. You might have some pets going around the house, and as a result, they might litter on the carpet from time to time. It often has the accompanying unpleasant odor.
  • Greases. It can be from foods or oils, which can make the carpet to look bad when the stains come into the carpet surface. Some greases can sink deep into the fabrics and need a few times of cleaning to remove.
  • Dirt Compound. Some wet dirt might enter the carpet fabrics and create stains on it, which can be very difficult to remove. The more you let the dirt compound sit on the carpets, the more it will spread and the more it will get difficult to deal with.
  • Food Products. Food products can also create stains on your carpet if you spill on it, and it can be difficult for you to remove them. For instance, the sausage for your favorite foods might get spilled on the carpet and become stains you need to remove later.
  • Paints. Paints can also stick onto the carpet surfaces and become stains that are quite challenging to remove. Some paints might get spilled and become stains, which you need to clean afterward when you are doing the paint job around the carpet area.
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There are still other sources of stains that can make your carpet look ugly if you don’t clean them fast. However, it’s enough for you to know the most common stains that you need to deal with in your everyday life.

Things You Need to Do Right Away When You See Stains on Your Carpet

Sometimes, it’s difficult to deal with the stains on your carpet. You need to work fast to clean them, or you might end up leaving them on the carpet for a long time. Old stains are much more difficult to remove, and with old stains, you will need a thorough cleaning procedure to remove them. So, it is best for you to take action on removing the stains as soon as you see stains on your carpet.

Here are some things you need to do right away when you see stains on your carpet:

  • Remove the source of the stain as soon as possible by blotting it out if it is in liquid form or by removing the source if it is in solid form.
  • Apply water to the stained area and use the cleaning solution to remove the stain from the carpet.
  • Move the carpet to another room or outdoor if it has an unpleasant odor and prepares the cleaning procedure for it.
  • Prepare the ingredients to create your own cleaning solution.
  • Don’t wait until more than a day to clean your carpet, since it will make the stains sink into the deeper layers of the carpet fabrics and become more difficult to remove.

The key is to act fast, as you don’t need to wait until the stains become dry and become very difficult to remove later.

Things Not to Do When Dealing with Carpet Stains

When dealing with carpet stains, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do. These things might not help you clean the stains, but you might cause the stains to spread to more areas on the carpets. So, deal with the carpet stains with care. You should also clean it in a careful movement as not to cause any more problems with your carpets.

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Here are some things not to do when dealing with carpet stains:

  • Cleaning the source of the stains with reckless movements can only spread more stains on the carpets.
  • Not moving away from the furniture around the carpet, as the furniture might block your movements and make it harder for you to perform the cleaning procedure.
  • Not moving away from foods or drinks on the carpet, because when you do this, you might spill the foods or drinks on the carpet and create more stains on it.
  • Walking on the carpet wearing shoes, which is something that can create even more dirt or stain on the carpet.
  • Delaying the cleaning process for the stains, which is not too good considering that the stains might become dry and become even more difficult for you to remove.

These are the things you should avoid when cleaning the stains on the carpets. You need to remove the stains from the carpet with careful movements since sometimes the stains can become even worse if you do it with recklessness.

Manual Methods to Clean Carpet Stains

There are some manual cleaning solution methods that you can follow to remove the stains on the carpets in your house. These methods will require you to use certain cleaning ingredients you can make for yourself at home.

Most of the ingredients are already available in your kitchen, so you just need to mix them and use them in your cleaning activity.

Here are some manual methods to clean carpet stains:

  • Baking soda. You can sprinkle some baking soda on top of the stains on the carpet and let it absorb the stains for about 30 minutes. Then you can remove the baking soda using the vacuum cleaner.
  • Dishwasher soap. You can use dishwasher soap to clean the stains on the carpet by brushing it. It has cleaning properties that can remove greases from the carpets fast.
  • Vinegar. You can also create the mixture of 1:1 vinegar and water and spray the mixture to the stains on your carpet. Blot out the water and do it a few times for the best result. You can remove the stains this way.
  • Enzyme cleaner. You can use the enzyme cleaner product to remove the stains that are difficult to remove on your carpets. It is also very useful for old stains that have been around for more than a week.
  • Vodka. This beverage also has cleaning properties that can help remove the stains and unpleasant odor from your carpet. Spray it on the stains and blot it out a few times. You can wipe out the stains with this liquid.
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These are the manual cleaning methods you can perform with your hands, and you can use the ingredients that you can make at home. It is often cheaper than calling a professional cleaner for help.

Automatic Methods to Clean Carpet Stains

There are also automatic cleaning methods you can follow to clean your carpet stains. You will use certain tools to clean the stains from the carpet so that you don’t need to do it by hand. The automatic methods are often easier to do, but it will require a considerable investment to buy the tools necessary to do it.

Here are some automatic methods to clean carpet stains:

  • Wet vacuum cleaner. You can use the wet vacuum cleaner to wash the carpet and remove the stains using the cleaning product of your choice.
  • Carpet cleaner machine. This tool can help you brush out the stains from your carpet and make it fresh again.
  • Shampooer tool. You can use the shampooer tool along with the rug shampoo product to wash the stained carpets and remove the unpleasant odor from it.
  • Pressure washer. This is also an excellent tool for you to use the forceful cleaning method to remove heavy stains on the carpet. It is very easy to do.
  • Vacuum cleaner. The regular vacuum cleaner is useful to clean the carpets after you apply some cleaning solutions to it, such as baking soda.

These automatic methods can help save your time and effort in cleaning the stains from your carpet. You might need to buy the required tool first, but it will be a good one-time investment for you.


For the stains you need to deal with every day, there is always the right solution for you to remove them from your carpets. It doesn’t matter if the stains are there because of your pets or your kids. You can keep your carpets clean by following this guide in removing the stains on your carpets. Happy cleaning!