How to Remove Bed Bugs from Wood Furniture?

From among many places that can be the target for bed bug infestation in your home environment, aside from the mattresses and carpets, wood furniture is perhaps the most common one. With wood furniture, bed bugs can have various hiding places to live and multiply there, such as inside the cracks or holes in the furniture, under the, clutters, clothing items, and so on. It is also quite difficult to locate the source of the bed bug infestation when you deal with wooden furniture.

So, how can you remove bed bugs from wood furniture? This is the guide that will provide you with easy tips and important information to get rid of bedbugs in your wood furniture. Keep reading!

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Your Wood Furniture Might be the Target for Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs might lurk from anywhere. These pests will try to find the chance to come at you when you least aware of them. So, they will make nests in any place that allows them to get easy access to you. Your wood furniture might be the next target for their infestation, and you need to be aware of this possibility. Aside from the beds, wooden furniture is also a comfortable place for bed bugs to live and multiply.

Wooden furniture is prone to cracks and holes, and bed bugs love to hide in dark places, such as inside the cracks or holes in your wooden furniture. It is even more likely for you to find these pests in your furniture if you put them in your bedroom or around the places where you often have relaxing activities. These pests are lurking in the dark places, and they will suck your blood when there’s a good chance.

Finding the Signs of Bed Bug Infestation in Your Wood Furniture

From the surface, your wood furniture might look okay even when it is being infested by bedbugs. The reason is that these pests are very skilful in hiding themselves, and they will only go outside when you are less aware of their presence, such as at night. So, to determine whether your wooden furniture is being infested by bedbugs, you need to perform certain steps. Here are some steps to find the signs of bed bug infestation in your wood furniture:

  • Inspect every corner of your wooden furniture for cracks. Bed bug infestation in the wooden furniture often happens when there’s a crack or hole enough for them to enter and live there. So, you need to find out if there are any cracks on your wooden furniture.
  • Use the flashlight to see inside the cracks or holes. After finding the cracks or holes, check if there are bed bugs inside by using the flashlight for those areas. Bed bugs are small pests, so you also need to be extra careful in examining the cracks or holes in your furniture.
  • Look for dried blood around your furniture. The dried blood in your furniture might also be a sign that there are bed bugs inside. Bed bugs eat your blood, and they will come back to their nest after eating. So, the dried blood might linger in some parts of the furniture.
  • Look for bed bug eggs and skins around your furniture. When bed bugs create a nest around the furniture, you will see many eggs and skins scattered all over the place. So, when you find some of them, it will be a sign that there is bed bug infestation going on.
  • Inspect the hidden places around your wooden furniture. Not only around the cracks or holes, but you can also find the bed bugs in other places around the furniture. For instance, if it is in your wardrobe, bed bugs might hide under your clothing items or any other hidden places. Check those places for bed bug infestation.
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These tips can help you find the bed bug infestation in your wooden furniture. Just take the time to examine your furniture to find out if these pests live there.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs from Your Wood Furniture

Now, it’s time for you to get rid of bedbugs from your wood furniture. You need to perform all the steps to get rid of them from the furniture when you find some traces of bed bugs there (1). Here are some tips to remove bed bugs from your wooden furniture:

  • Take all items from the furniture. You should remove any items you can remove from the furniture and empty the furniture before attempting to get rid of the bedbugs.
  • Wash all washable items with hot water. For washable items, such as clothing, you can wash them with hot water to remove any traces of bed bugs from the items.
  • Throw away items infested by bedbugs. For the items infested by bedbugs, which you cannot recover, throw away those items outside.
  • Use diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a good pesticide for bedbugs, and you can spread this pesticide around the infested area around your wooden furniture. As a powder, you can spread it inside the cracks or holes with ease.
  • Disassemble and clean the furniture to remove the bed bugs. It is good to disassemble and clean the furniture to remove the bed bugs when possible. You can inspect each part of the furniture and clean it from bed bugs using hot water.
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Follow these tips to get rid of bedbugs from your wooden furniture as soon as possible.

Preventing Bed Bugs from Coming Back to Your Wood Furniture

After cleaning your wooden furniture from the bed bug infestation, it is important for you to prevent these pests from coming back again to your furniture. Removing the bed bugs alone is not enough, as they might come back to you again later. Prevention is always important in this case. Here are some tips to prevent bed bugs from coming back to your wood furniture:

  • Cover the cracks and holes in the furniture. You can cover the cracks and holes in the furniture using a sealant agent since these pests often hide inside these cracks and holes. This way, you don’t give them the chance to come back there.
  • Keep it tidy and clean. You need to keep your furniture tidy and clean all the time by cleaning it often. Bed bugs love cluttered space, and by keeping everything clean, you don’t need to give them the chance to live in your wooden furniture.
  • Seal any clothing items with a vacuum sealer. If the wooden furniture is your wardrobe, you need to seal any clothing items you don’t use with a vacuum sealer. This way, you don’t give any chance for these pests to invade your clothing items and live there.
  • Clean your wooden furniture at least once a week. Regular cleaning of the wooden furniture is important to keep it free from any bed bugs and other pests. You need to clean the exterior and interior parts of the wooden furniture to keep it free from any bed bug infestation.
  • Seal any holes in the walls near the furniture. The holes in the walls near your furniture might become the other hiding places for the bed bugs, so you need to seal them as well. Thus, you don’t give them any chance to invade your wooden furniture via the holes in the walls.
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These are some useful tips to prevent future bed bug infestations in your wood furniture. Take care of your furniture well to avoid any similar problems in the future.


  • Do bed bugs stay on wood furniture? Yes, it is possible for bed bugs to stay on wood furniture. It is becoming more likely if your wood furniture has clothing items you don’t use for a long time. It is also possible for bed bugs to live inside the cracks and holes in your wood furniture.
  • How do I know if my wood furniture has bed bugs? As explained in this guide, you can inspect your furniture’s parts one by one. If there are holes or cracks, chances are the bedbugs will live there. Also, if the furniture is dirty and cluttered, there can also be a good chance for these pests to live there.
  • How do you get rid of bedbugs from a wooden bed frame? You can follow the steps as explained in this guide. However, first, you need to remove the mattress or bed from the bed frame before you can inspect the furniture. You can use diatomaceous earth to kill the bedbugs, and then you can clean the frame afterwards.
  • How do I treat my dresser for bed bugs? You need to remove the clothing items you have stored in your dresser first. Then, you need to wash the clothing items with hot water. After that, you can go to the empty dresser and perform the cleaning procedure to get rid of the bedbugs from there.


You can follow the tips in this guide to remove bed bugs from your wood furniture. Yes, it might take time and some hard work for you to do that, but it is something that you need to do. We recommend you call for a bed bug exterminator service if you cannot do it by yourself. Removing bed bug infestation from your furniture might require you to move your furniture, which is something that might be difficult to do alone.

It is important for you to clean any bed bug infestation in your furniture and prevent them from coming back again. You’ve learned how to do that with this guide. Happy cleaning!