How to Use the Hoover Carpet Cleaner? CleanThese

Hoover is quite a popular carpet cleaner brand of choice among homeowners. There are various models of carpet cleaner you can get from Hoover, and each model will offer unique features. However, what you need to understand is that Hoover carpet cleaner machines work the same way as the carpet cleaner machines from other brands.

So, for the Hoover carpet cleaner, the basic operations for the machine are almost the same as the other carpet cleaners. However, there are features that are special to the Hoover brand, which you can use to get the best result in your cleaning sessions. This guide will give you detailed information about how to use the Hoover carpet cleaner for the best cleaning result.

Simple Steps to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Hoover carpet cleaner will work to clean your carpet from various stains and messes, and it will make your carpet fresh again. You should use this machine to clean your carpet at least once per month, as keeping the carpet clean will also help you keep the home environment clean. A clean home environment will contribute to a healthier home for you and your family.

Here are some steps to use Hoover carpet cleaner:

  • The first step is to clean the water tank and refill the water tank with water and the cleaning solution. It is best for you to use the cleaning solution recommended by Hoover to get the best result for your cleaning.
  • Next, before you begin the cleaning process, remove the furniture around the carpet area. Also, you need to vacuum the carpet before you use the carpet cleaner.
  • Once everything is ready, you can plug the Hoover carpet cleaner into the power outlet and choose the cleaning mode on the machine based on your needs. The higher the cleaning mode, the more stains or messes you can clean.
  • Next, use the machine around the carpet areas you need to clean without overlooking the nooks and crannies. Be sure to reach all areas of the carpet.
  • After washing the carpet areas, you need to empty the water tank on the machine, clean the water tank, and refill it with water only.
  • Rinse the carpet areas by going through the cleaning process once again.
  • After rinsing the carpet, allow 8-12 hours for the carpet to dry by itself. You can also use some fans and allow the sunlight to penetrate the room to make the drying process faster.
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Common Problems with Hoover Carpet Cleaner and Their Solutions

Sometimes, even the best carpet cleaner will have some problems when you operate it. Hoover carpet cleaner might also have some problems when you operate the machine, and some problems are very common for many homeowners. For instance, the machine might only give low suction power, it might not spray water, as usual, the brushes might not rotate, and so on.

Here are some common problems with Hoover carpet cleaner and their solutions:

  • Low suction power. You need to empty the dirty water tank in your Hoover carpet cleaner to recover the suction power of the machine. You can also check the vacuum hose to see if there are some blockages that might impede the airflow.
  • The brushes are not rotating. With this problem, the solution might be as simple as switching on the brush rotation function in your machine. It might still be off. You can also choose the speed of the brush rotation from the machine switch.
  • It won’t suck up water as normal. You need to choose the floor cleaning mode if you see the Hoover carpet cleaner not sucking water as normal. Different options will activate different functions of the machine, so you can check the cleaning options available in the machine and choose the corresponding cleaning mode. A full water tank can also be the cause for your machine not to suck up water as normal, so you need to empty the water tank first.
  • The machine won’t release clean water. You might have a problem with the clean water tank installation, so be sure to check it. Also, you need to check if the clean water tank is empty, so you can refill it with water.
  • The water tank is dripping water on the floor. This is often a sign that you don’t secure or lock the clear water tank and the dirty water tank onto the machine, so you need to check the water tank installation. You can check their installation and secure their position before continuing.

These are the most common problems with the Hoover carpet cleaner machine, which you can solve as soon as possible. Please note that when there’s a problem with the machine, it’s often not because of a faulty machine, but it might be because of a wrong setting or installation of the machine parts. So, check them first.

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Maintaining the Hoover Carpet Cleaner Machine

To keep your Hoover carpet cleaner working in perfect condition, you need to perform some maintenance works on it. By maintaining your machine, you can always rely on it whenever you need to use it. You can also prevent any problems from happening on the machine during its operations, thus making the cleaning process smooth.

Here are some tips to maintain your Hoover carpet cleaner machine:

  • Clean the vacuum hose, brush, and water tank often. You need to keep these parts clean to ensure the best working condition of the machine.
  • Clean or replace the filter from time to time to ensure that the vacuum works well when it’s sucking and filtering the dust, debris, and liquid mess.
  • Be sure to keep each part installed and locked into the machine to avoid any leaks and problems during operation.
  • Once a year, it is best for you to disassemble all parts of the Hoover vacuum cleaner and perform a deep clean on the individual part.
  • Always use your vacuum cleaner according to the instruction manual and the capability of the machine, and you need to avoid overworking the machine.

Follow these tips to keep the Hoover vacuum cleaner in its best working condition. By doing this, you don’t need to deal with any hassles during its operations.

Things to Do After Cleaning Your Carpet with Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Hoover carpet cleaner can help you clean the carpet and remove various stains and messes from the carpet, such as pet stains, food stains, dirt, and many others. With this machine, you can perform a thorough cleaning procedure and make the carpet look new again. It also gives you the cleaner and fresher look of the carpet, which you can enjoy with your family members and pets.

Here are some things to do after cleaning your carpet with Hoover carpet cleaner:

  • Dry the carpet and don’t use the carpet until it becomes dry, so that you can avoid creating any unpleasant odors on the carpet.
  • Clean the Hoover carpet cleaner and ensure that every part is clean and ready for your next cleaning session.
  • Store the Hoover carpet cleaner machine in clean storage space and avoid storing it in a damp or dirty place.
  • Open the windows and doors and let the sunlight penetrate your room to quicken the drying process of the carpet.
  • Once the carpet becomes dry, vacuum the carpet once again with the dry vacuum before using the carpet as usual.
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How much solution do you put in a Hoover carpet cleaner?

Look at the water tank on your Hoover carpet cleaner. You need to put the cleaning solution according to the direction you find on the label. Be sure to add water until it reaches the water line mark on the water tank and doesn’t fill the water beyond the mark.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after cleaning with Hoover?

You will need to wait for at least 8-12 hours for your carpet to dry after cleaning with the Hoover carpet cleaner machine. You can quicken the drying process by opening the windows and doors and letting the sunlight to penetrate your room. Just be sure not to use the carpet until it becomes dry.

Do you have to rinse the carpet after using Hoover carpet cleaner?

After cleaning your carpet with the Hoover carpet cleaner machine, rinse the carpet to avoid creating any unpleasant odors later. You can’t let the remaining detergent or cleaning solution to linger on the carpet without rinsing it. So, yes, rinsing the carpet after cleaning with Hoover is important.

My Hoover carpet cleaner won’t pick up water. Why?

It might be because of various reasons. As explained in this guide, it might be because of the blockage in your vacuum hose, the water tank being full, and other reasons. You can check the instruction manual for your machine for more information, or you can follow the tips already explained in this guide.


We hope you find this guide useful in helping you to use the Hoover carpet cleaner machine to clean your carpet and remove various stains and messes from it. Just don’t forget that aside from using the machine, you also need to maintain it to keep it working in the best condition every time you use it.

It’s also best to schedule a regular cleaning routine for your carpet. Happy cleaning!