Does Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Your Skin? CleanThese

Do you often get bed bug bites during the night? Do you feel anxious about the effects of the bites and wonder whether these pests will remain in your skin? First, you need to understand that bed bugs are dangerous pests, as they can cause various health problems for you and environmental problems around your house. So, you need to be aware of their activity.

One common question about bed bugs is whether they will lay eggs in your skin. This guide will attempt to answer this question and also provide you with various other useful information about these pests and how to remove them from your house. Keep reading.

Does Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Your Skin?

Let’s answer whether bed bugs lay eggs in your skin before learning about various information related to bed bugs in your home environment. The answer is no, bed bugs will not lay eggs in your skin. They don’t do that, so you can put your mind a bit at ease about this. However, there are other things that bed bugs can do:

  • Bed bugs can come to your skin to bite you and cause itchiness in your skin, and also, they can cause other adverse health effects for you.
  • Bed bugs might not lay eggs in your skin, but they can lay eggs in your clothes, and they will choose some hidden parts of your clothing, such as the sleeves.
  • These pests will come to your skin when you sleep to suck up your blood, and they will move right away once they’ve done it.
  • They will choose the places near you to lay their eggs on, such as under the bed because bed bugs can’t lay eggs in your skin.
  • By laying eggs under the bed, bed bugs will have easy access to your body, as they need your blood to keep them alive, so you need to be aware of this.

These are some things that bed bugs can do aside from biting your skin. Remember, just because they can’t lay eggs in your skin doesn’t mean that you need to ignore the dangers of keeping them around.

The Places where Bed Bugs Can Live and Multiply

Bed bugs cannot live under your skin because their body cannot dig into your skin and lay eggs there. However, they still need your body, as blood becomes their primary source of nutrition, thus the way to keep them alive. Bed bugs cannot bite your skin while you are still active. They need their host to be passive and unmoving so that they can bite and suck their blood with no disturbance. This is the reason they often bite you at night when you sleep.

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Knowing the dangers of bed bugs implies knowing the places where they can live and multiply. Bed bugs only need about 5 minutes to get out of their nest, suck your blood, and come back to their nest. So, they need some places where they can access their host with ease. The places such as under the bed, under the sofa, under the furniture, inside your clothing, and on the carpets are their favourite places. So, be aware of these pests in those areas.

The Dangers of the Bed Bugs in Your Home Environment

Bed bugs are pests that can often invade your home from time to time. When the weather, temperature, and environment are right for them to live and multiply around your home environment, they will come in droves. They will find the right places for them to lay eggs and hide in those places until they find the opportunity to bite you. So, why do you need to be aware of them? Here are the dangers of bedbugs in your home environment:

  • Allergic reactions. Not all people can withstand the bites of bedbugs. Some people will experience some kinds of allergic reactions because of bedbug bites. It can be dangerous for your health depending on the severity of the allergy.
  • Unpleasant itching. One major annoyance with the bed bugs is the unpleasant itching you can get after getting bitten by them. This itching can last for a long time, such as a few days if you keep it that way without treating it.
  • Stress and anxiety. Bed bugs can also create stress and anxiety in your mind, whether because of their bites or their presence. The more bed bugs you need to deal with every day, the more stress and anxiety you will get.
  • Inability to sleep. With stress and anxiety, you will have a problem of inability to sleep. At night, you might feel that you have a harder time going to sleep because of worrying about the bed bug bites or because you need to deal with the bites and the itchiness they cause.
  • Creating an ugly home environment. These pests will create an ugly environment around your house. Carpets will look bad, couches will look bad, your bed will look bad, and so on. They can also lay eggs on your clothes, which can also make them look bad.
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These dangers should remind you to keep bed bugs away from your home environment at all times.

Tips to Remove Bed Bugs from Carpets and Other Places around Your House

Bed bugs are dangerous both for your health and for your home environment. So, it is important for you to remove these pests from various places around the house, such as carpets, couches, beds, furniture, and so on. How can you do that? Here are some tips to remove bed bugs from carpets and other places around your house:

  • Steam cleaning. This is perhaps the most effective method to get rid of bedbugs from your carpet or mattress. These pests will die in the hot temperature, and steam cleaning can also provide a thorough cleaning process that will keep your carpet and mattress look fresh.
  • Regular vacuuming. It is important to vacuum the carpet, mattress, bedding, couches, and the surrounding areas daily to prevent bed bugs from coming. Also, you can vacuum these areas to get rid of the pests and their eggs.
  • Cover the cracks around the house. The cracks around your house can become the entry point for these pests to enter and create nests around the house. So, it’s better for you to cover it and repair it as soon as possible, whenever you see any cracks on the walls or on the furniture.
  • Professional pest control. It’s best for you to call for a professional pest control service when you get stuck and have difficulty getting rid of the bedbugs around the house. They can help you get rid of these pests from the house and prevent them from coming back again.
  • Dry your carpets and mattresses under the sunlight. Because bed bugs can die under the hot temperature, you can dry your carpets and mattresses to remove them. It will help burn these pests and let them die. You can also rub the carpet and mattress area while you dry them under the sunlight to remove any eggs and bed bug bodies from the carpet or mattress surface.
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  • Can bed bugs live in your skin? No, bed bugs cannot live in your skin. They lack the capability to dig into your skin and live there. However, they will live off your skin by sucking your blood, only that they can’t dig their way under your skin.
  • Do bed bugs lay eggs on you? The answer is also no. Bed bugs cannot lay eggs on the skin because they lack the capability to do so. However, they will try to find the hiding place to lay their eggs on, such as in your clothing, bed, mattress, carpet, and so on, while still maintaining access to your body, as they need your blood to live.
  • Do bed bugs stay on your skin after a shower? No, they won’t stay on your skin after a shower. You will wipe out the bed bugs after a shower, in case they linger on your skin. So, showering is a good way to remove bed bugs from your body. A good shower can keep your body clean and free from these pests.
  • Can a female bed bug lay eggs without mating? No, bed bugs need to mate before they can produce eggs, so female bed bugs can’t lay eggs without mating. This is the reason they need a comfortable place to live and multiply, such as under your bed, mattress, or carpet. It is very important for you to clean and vacuum these places every day.


So, the answer to whether bed bugs lay eggs in your skin is no. These pests cannot lay their eggs on your skin, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, as explained in this guide, they can seek nearby places to lay their eggs on, such as in your wardrobe, carpets, mattresses, and so on.

It is very important for you to have the means to remove them from your home environment. There are various bed bugs extermination methods you can use, so pick the one that you prefer to keep your house clean from these pests.