Does Dry Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs? CleanThese

Bed bugs are those annoying insects you can find in hidden places around your carpet, sofa, bed, clothes, and many fabrics. They like to live and breed in these hidden areas, and they will multiply if the environment supports them. A dirty or unmaintained environment can be a good breeding ground for bedbugs, and it can be difficult for you to get rid of them all.

Aside from living in the hidden places around your clothing, linens, carpets, and more, you also need to know about the danger of having bedbugs around. They are the type of insects that will try to find their food by leeching your blood whenever there is an opportunity for them to do that.

So, whether it’s night or day, you can get bitten by bedbugs, and it will be unhealthy for you and your family members. Thus, it is important to exterminate bed bugs from various places around your house, such as carpet, clothing, linens, and more.

Can You Kill Bed Bugs with Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the cleaning process without the use of water, as opposed to the regular cleaning or washing method. The good news is that with dry cleaning, you can exterminate the bed bugs lying around your clothes, carpet, sofa, and linens. The chemicals used in the dry-cleaning kits can kill the bed bugs during the dry-cleaning process. However, you can’t expect the dry-cleaning kits or products to help prevent bed bugs from coming back again to your clothes, sofa, carpet, and other fabrics.

Here are some important facts you need to know about dry cleaning and bed bugs:

  • Dry cleaning kits are effective to kill bed bugs in clothes and other fabrics, as the chemicals will penetrate their body and kill them in an instant.
  • Dry cleaning chemicals will evaporate once you use it, and it doesn’t leave any trace in your clothing, carpet, and other fabrics.
  • Because of the evaporation, bed bugs can still come back to your clothing and other fabrics if you don’t take care of or maintain it.
  • PCE or Perchloroethylene is the most common solvent or chemical found in most dry-cleaning kits, and it is the one that will often kill the bed bugs lying around your fabrics.
  • Another chemical solvent found in dry cleaning kits includes supercritical CO2 and hydrocarbons, which are milder alternatives or variations.
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The dry-cleaning kits with the milder chemical solvent will still give you an effective result to kill bedbugs in your clothing, bedsheets, and other fabrics. It is also better to use these milder solvents, as they will pose fewer health risks and cause less damage to your fabrics.

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning to Kill Bed Bugs

Dry cleaning has become one of the preferred methods to kill bedbugs, because of its effectiveness in getting rid of the pest from various fabrics. The application is also simple, and you don’t need to prepare the cleaning solution with complicated steps. Dry cleaning kits are available for you to purchase from the nearest stores, and you just need to apply the kits to your clothes, carpets, linens, and other fabrics to get rid of the bedbugs.

Here are the benefits of dry cleaning to kill bed bugs:

  • It penetrates the fabrics and creates the high-temperature effect that allows you to kill bedbugs, which is very effective in getting rid of them in one action step.
  • Aside from cleaning and keeping the clothes free from bedbugs, you can also keep the clothes free from stains and unpleasant odors.
  • The good news is that the chemicals will evaporate fast after you apply it, so you don’t need to worry about having the lingering chemicals on your clothes, carpets, and other fabrics.
  • All bed bugs lingering in your clothing, linens, carpets, and other fabrics will die in an instant after applying the dry-cleaning kit, and it saves you time in exterminating them one by one.
  • Dry cleaning helps preserves the fabrics of your clothing, carpet, linen, sofa, and others to keep them smooth and fresh for a long time.

These benefits should give you the motivation to start the process of dry cleaning to get rid of the bedbugs from various fabrics you have right now. It’s easy to use, and the process is also quick to complete.

The Guidelines to Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming to Your Carpet, Clothing, Linens, and More

Bed bug bites can be dangerous for your health, and the health risks will also extend to your family members. You can use dry cleaning as a method to exterminate bed bugs from your carpet, clothing, linens, and more, but it doesn’t help you prevent the comeback of these pests. Bed bugs can come back to your bed, sofa, carpet, clothing, and other fabrics if you are not careful. Thus, it is important for you to know how to prevent bed bugs from coming back to the places you’ve cleaned before.

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Here are some important tips to prevent bed bugs from coming to your carpet, clothing, linens, and more:

  • Check for the potential hiding places for bed bugs around the couches, sofa, and bed, and exterminate the bed bugs hiding in those places as soon as possible.
  • Keep the home environment clean to prevent any infestation of bedbugs, as these pests will thrive in a dirty environment.
  • Store your clothes, bedsheets, bed covers, linens, and other fabrics in clean storage spaces to avoid any bed bug infestation.
  • Place a protective cover for your sofa, bed, and mattress to avoid bed bugs from hiding inside those places.
  • Schedule a cleaning session every week or every two weeks for your carpet, sofa, bed, and mattress, to keep bed bugs away from those places.

These guidelines will help prevent any bed bug infestation in your house by keeping all the potential hiding places for bed bugs clean and uninhabitable for them.

Alternative Methods to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Aside from dry cleaning, there are other methods to get rid of bedbugs from various fabrics that you have at home. Bed bugs are annoying and also dangerous for your health and home environment, so you need to remove them as soon as possible from the home environment and prevent them from breeding in various places around the house. You can use chemical and non-chemical methods to remove bed bugs from carpets, linens, clothes, couches, and more.

Here are some alternative methods to get rid of bedbugs around the house:

  • Use a carpet steamer machine to steam and clean the carpet while getting rid of the bedbugs at the same time.
  • There are various bed bug disinfectant sprays you can purchase on the market today, and they can help you get rid of bedbugs fast at home.
  • You can also iron the clothes or linens that contain the bed bugs to kill them with the high temperature.
  • Lysol spray will also help kill bed bugs fast when you use it to spray the infested areas around your house.
  • You can wash the clothes and other fabrics with high-temperature water to kill the bedbugs, as their body can’t stand high temperature.

These alternative methods can help you clean your house from bed bug infestation aside from using the dry-cleaning method. Please note that it’s always important for you to keep everything clean around the house to prevent further bed bug infestation.

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How long do you have to dry clothes to kill bed bugs?

You can dry your clothes under the sunlight to kill bed bugs that have infested the clothes. To do this, you will need to dry it at least for 30 minutes. The point is to raise the temperature of the clothes and thus kill the bedbugs, as they can’t stand high temperature. As an alternative, you can also dry the clothes with a tumble dryer or an iron.

Can bed bugs survive in the washing machine?

Yes, bed bugs can survive in the washing machine. You need to put them at high temperature to exterminate them. Using cold water and some detergent in the washing machine will not guarantee you to kill bedbugs in your clothes or fabrics.

How do you get the bedbugs out of dry-clean-only clothes?

To get rid of bedbugs out of dry-clean-only clothes, use the dry-cleaning kits to clean your clothes. As explained in this guide, the chemicals in the dry-cleaning kits can kill bed bugs in an instant. It’s a simple process to do, as you just need to spray the clothes with the dry-cleaning kits to clean them out of bed bugs, stains, and other messes.

What kills bed bugs in an instant?

You can kill bed bugs in an instant with the dry-cleaning kits. You can also kill bed bugs in an instant by using the Lysol spray or the bug disinfectant spray. Another way to kill bed bugs in an instant is to put them at a high temperature, such as by drying your clothes or fabrics under the sunlight, using iron, using a carpet steamer machine, and so on.


You can use the dry-cleaning method to kill bedbugs from your clothes, carpets, linens, sofa, beds, and other places around the house. Also, there are other alternative methods you can try to exterminate these pests and keep your fabrics clean.

Follow the tips explained in this guide, and you can keep the nasty bedbugs at bay. Happy cleaning!