How to Use a Carpet Cleaner? Get Best Results while Cleaning

Carpet cleaners come in various shapes and sizes. You can find them in local grocery stores, department stores, online retailers, or you can just grab some from your kitchen.

No matter what carpet cleaner you decide to use, you can always follow certain steps to use it in the right way. Most carpet cleaners are easy to use, and you just need to apply them to the stains or the mess that you find on the carpet.

However, please note that you can’t clean the stains on the carpet by just wiping some tissues or paper towels on it with no cleaning solution. Sometimes, water can help dissolve the stain, but the smell can still linger on if you don’t use any carpet cleaning solution after that.

So, it becomes even more important for you to ensure that you are using the best carpet cleaner to clean your carpet from any type of stains or other mess.

Finding the Best Carpet Cleaner for Your Messy Situation

There are two options you can choose in finding the best carpet cleaner to clean the mess on your carpet. First, you can buy commercial carpet cleaning products, and second, you can create your own homemade carpet cleaning solution using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

How can you choose the best carpet cleaner to clean the stains and the mess on your carpet? Here are some guidelines:

  • If you don’t want to deal with mixing various ingredients and creating your own carpet cleaning solution, then you need to buy a cleaning solution from the nearest store in your location.
  • You can make homemade carpet cleaners from various ingredients, such as baking soda, vinegar, dishwasher soap, essential oils, vodka, and many others. But it requires some preparations on your part to create the cleaning solution for your carpet. You can skip this step if you don’t want to deal with this.
  • You can also find various commercial cleaning solutions in your local stores, and you can find them from various brands. If you choose to use a commercial cleaning product, you need to choose the one that uses natural ingredients as to avoid any problems later.
  • Plenty of commercial cleaners have some chemicals that might not be best for your pet’s health, as it can cause some allergic reactions. Some chemicals can also linger for a long time on the carpet, making the carpet to smell bad and to become unhealthy for your family members.
  • Avoid using cleaners that have plenty of chemicals on them as the ingredients. It is also better for you to pick the one that contains some kind of aromatherapy to add freshness to your carpet later.
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Once you’ve found the best carpet cleaning solution, you can use it to clean the stains and other mess from the carpet.

The Stains and Other Mess You Can Deal with the Cleaner

Your carpet can get dirty with various stains and other mess. The stains and the mess can be from anything. No matter what the stains, when they hit the carpet, it could be very difficult to remove them, as carpets have certain fabrics that make it difficult to remove the stains and other mess because it often gets stuck in the deep layers of the carpet. Here are some stains and other mess you can often find on your carpet:

  • Food-related stains. You might have some foods fall into the carpet, putting some greases and oils into the carpet which are difficult to remove. This can be true for foods with sauces.
  • Pet-related stains. You might have your pets pee on the carpet, leaving away stains that do not only smell bad, but it’s also difficult to remove. Aside from pet urine, your pet can also make other mess, such as vomit and feces, which will be even more difficult to remove if you don’t use a suitable cleaning solution.
  • Pet hair. Pet hair or fur can sometimes stick on the carpet, which can be bad if you use the carpet for the kids in your family as well. The kids might inhale the pet hair or fur, which can be unhealthy for them. Thus, you need to remove them from the carpet to keep it clean and healthy for your kids to play on it.
  • General mess. It can be dirt, sands, or any other mess that often gets onto the carpet for any reason. For instance, you might still wear your dirty shoes inside the house when you step on the carpet without removing the shoes. It can be other reasons that make the carpet become unclean.
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These are the stains and other mess that you often need to deal with from time to time. So, you need to prepare the best cleaners you can use when you need them the most.

Steps on Using a Carpet Cleaner

No matter the type of cleaner you pick to clean your carpet from stains and other mess, you can always follow the steps to make the best out of your cleaning procedure. Remember, aside from removing the stains, you also need to remove the unpleasant smell that accompanies it as well. Here are some steps you can take on using a carpet cleaner:

  1. Remove the source of the stains first. This is the first step that you need to do to ensure that your job in removing the stains goes extra smoothly. Prepare a plastic bag and a mini shovel to remove the source of the stains from the carpet. For instance, you can use the mini shovel to take out your pet’s feces or vomit from the carpet and put it in the plastic bag as soon as possible. If the stain source is in liquid form, then blot it out first by using tissues or paper towels.
  2. Use water to dissolve most of the stains from the carpet. You can put some water onto the stain on the carpet to dissolve most of the stains before you apply any cleaning solution to it. The water will reduce the amount of strain on the carpet and also making the cleaning process much easier. Use tissues or paper towels to blot the water out of the carpet and repeat it a few times as necessary.
  3. Apply the cleaner of your choice on top of the stain. You need to apply the cleaner on top of the stained areas until you fill them up. Remember, each carpet cleaner will have different instructions on how you do it. You can apply them by pouring them on top of the stains, or you can spray them using a sprayer bottle.
  4. Follow the cleaning procedure. Next, you need to follow the cleaning procedure, which will depend on the cleaner you decide to use. For instance, if you decide to use dishwasher soap, you need to apply it to the stain and then brush the stain to remove it from the carpet. For baking soda, you need to sprinkle it on top of the stain and wait for 30-60 minutes or even leave it overnight before you can remove the stain from the carpet.
  5. Dry the carpet. You need to check if there is any stain left on the carpet once you complete the cleaning procedure for the stain and other mess. You also need to check the smell of the stain and ensure that it has disappeared from the carpet. Once you confirm it, you can dry the carpet by letting it dry by itself or dry it under the sunlight.
  6. Vacuum the carpet. To complete the cleaning process for your carpet, you can vacuum the carpet after you dry it. Vacuum it in all areas to ensure that there is no dirt left on the carpet. Once the vacuuming is complete, you can enjoy your fresh new carpet again with your pets and family members.
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So that’s it. It’s very simple to clean your carpet by following the cleaning procedure, which will depend on each cleaning solution you decide to use.

We recommend you to clean your carpet at least once a week to remove the dirt from the carpet because of the continuous use, even though there is no stain or any other mess on it. You also need to teach your pets not to litter on the carpet and guide them to always use the litter box when they need to do so.


You just learned how to use a carpet cleaner. You can choose to create the carpet cleaning solution by yourself at home, or you can pick a good cleaner product from the nearest department store or your favorite online retailer. The result will be very much the same if you use them in the right way.

However, just make sure that you don’t use the one that contains too many chemicals as it might be harmful to your health and also the health of your family members and pets.

Choose the carpet cleaning solution that has positive feedback from people who have used it. This way, cleaning the carpet should be a simple job to do.