Homemade Carpet Cleaners for Pet Urine, Clean Your Carpet Fast

Imagine the day when you just cleaned your carpet and expect some guests to come to your house today. Then, without realizing it, your pet is peeing on the carpet just a few hours before your guests arrive at your house.

So what should you do? How can you clean the carpet fast without having to keep the mess in your living room? How can you remove the pet urine and the unpleasant odor from the carpet?

Here’s the answer. By using some homemade cleaning solutions, you can clean your carpet and remove the pet stains from the carpet fast. Even more so, you can remove the unpleasant smell on the carpet and keep it fresh.

Your guests don’t need to feel uncomfortable with your carpet when they visit your house later in the afternoon. But you need to act fast, as you have to clean the carpet and wait for some time before it becomes dry and usable again.

Benefits of Using Homemade Carpet Cleaners vs. Commercial Products

There are some benefits of using homemade cleaners that you won’t get when you are using commercial products. Here are the benefits you can get for using the homemade cleaners:

  • It is already available in your kitchen. Most of the time, you can find the ingredients to make homemade cleaner in your kitchen. So, you don’t need to rush into the nearest department store just to get a commercial carpet cleaner product.
  • It is easy to use. Yes, it’s very easy to use homemade cleaner to clean your carpet. You don’t need to do any complicated steps just to use them.
  • It’s also easy to mix and create. Sometimes, you need different ingredients mixed into a mixture to create the homemade cleaner that you need. To do this, you don’t need to use any complicated steps to create the mixture, as it is straightforward and easy.
  • You can use natural ingredients to clean your carpet. You can create most homemade cleaners from natural ingredients, which means they won’t bring any negative side effects when you use them. Some commercial products are using chemicals to help clean your carpet, which can be bad for your health when you use the carpet again later. But, with the homemade cleaner, it is healthy for you to use.
  • You can create the mixture right away. No need to wait for a few days before the commercial products reach you when you order them online. No need to go to the department store to get just one product you need to use.
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These are the benefits you can get from using homemade cleaners. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any commercial products to clean your carpet.

Commercial products are also useful to clean the pet urine from the carpet. However, homemade cleaners can give you more advantages when you use them.

A Word of Warning—Before You Start

Cleaning your carpet might be a simple thing to do. But here’s something you need to pay attention to before you do that.

Some carpet fabrics might get damaged when you use certain homemade cleaners. So, you need to try a small amount of the cleaner first for a small area on the carpet just to observe the reaction on it.

Some fabrics can become damaged if you are not careful, even more so if you’re using the brush and clean your carpet with rough movements.

This can be bad for the fabrics themselves, and while it might help you clean the carpet, it might cause an unpleasant appearance for the carpet later.

Also, using the slow cleaning movement is best when you perform the cleaning procedure on the carpet. It helps to keep the fabrics smooth and avoid any damage later.

Choosing the Simple Homemade Cleaning Solution

Cleaning the stains of pet urine on your carpet is a matter of choosing the right homemade cleaning solution for it. Almost all homemade cleaners you can use are fine for your carpet.

Only some cleaners will give you negative effects or damage the carpet when you do it in the wrong way. But, most of all, the cleaning solutions you can use here will give you the best results to remove the stains and odor from the carpet as soon as possible.

You don’t need to mix too many ingredients into one mixture. Just use one or two ingredients for the homemade cleaner.

It’s simple, and you can use it as soon as possible. Repeated use is the best way to go. Until you can clean the carpet and remove the odor, keep using the cleaner on the carpet.

3 Simple Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Use

There are 3 simple homemade cleaning solutions you can use to clean the pet urine from the carpet fast. Many users have proven these cleaners to be effective, and you don’t need to do much work to create them.

  • First:
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You can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. To use this cleaning solution, you need to prepare a cup of white vinegar and a cup of warm water. Next, put these in a spray bottle and mix them together.

Before you use it, you need to add a tablespoon of baking soda into the mixture. Now, you can use it by spraying it on the carpet stains and use paper towels to blot the mixture from time to time. Do it in repeat until you can remove the stain and odor from the carpet.

  • Second:

You can use dishwasher soap to do the job. The dishwasher soap can give you the best result when you use it with a good brush. The way to clean your carpet is by applying the dishwasher soap on the stained areas, let it sit for a while, and start brushing the areas in slow movements.

You need to reach all the stained areas on your carpet and rinse the cleaner with water from time to time. Do this in repeat and make sure that you’ve removed the stain and the odor from your carpet.

  • Third:

You can use baking soda for the carpet. Just by using baking soda and water, you can remove the stain from the carpet and deodorize it. To do this, you can wet the stained area with some water and let it sit for a while.

Then, you can sprinkle the baking soda on top of the wet areas and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can remove the baking soda by vacuuming it or by using the mini shovel to do the job. You might need to repeat this process a few times if the smell is still there.

These are some simple cleaning solutions you can make at home. You don’t need to buy the additional cleaning products if you already have them in your kitchen.

Even more so, they are cheap, and you can use them from time to time whenever you need to clean your carpet from pet urine or stain.

Tips to Avoid Your Pets from Littering on the Carpet Again

Sometimes pets can be very annoying. They might litter on the carpet while you need to use the carpet for your guests in your house. This behavior is quite normal, as most pets will do it from time to time.

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However, it is not normal when your pets keep on doing it, such as every week or even every day. This is something that you need to stop. Here are some tips to avoid your pets from littering on the carpet again:

  • Keep the litter box clean and usable for your pet. Remember, pets might not like using the litter box if you never clean it. So, they will pee on the carpet as their alternative place to litter.
  • You should also teach your pets to use the toilet as an alternative. Some pets will follow your direction if you teach them to use the toilet when they find some problems with the litter box. This can avoid them from littering on the carpet.
  • Put some lemonade scents on the carpet, whether it is aromatherapy or perfume, as some pets will not like it. Thus, when they smell the lemonade scent, it will discourage them from using the carpet as a place to pee or to show their mark in the areas.
  • Give your pets good hygiene and a good diet. Keeping your pets clean and well-nourished can prevent them from having some unhealthy conditions or stress, which can help prevent them from littering on the carpet.
  • Take your pets to your vet to consult about their condition. Sometimes, a vet can perform some tests to determine the problems experienced by your pets and prevent them from having the inappropriate behavior of littering on the carpet.


So, how can you clean the pet urine from your carpet fast? Follow these methods to get your carpet fresh again. And you don’t need to worry about your guests coming into your house today.

You can complete the cleaning procedure in under an hour. By then, your carpet will be ready to use for you and your guests to enjoy the afternoon together.

So tell me. which one of these homemade carpet cleaners for pet urine methods is your favorite and why?