How to Clean Berber Carpet in the Most Effective Way?

Berber carpet is a very nice carpet to have in your house. It has decorative characteristics that can make your home look more beautiful. The colors are bright, and these carpets can be very convenient to sit on.

It also has different handwoven models and fabrics that you can choose from. You can put this carpet anywhere in the house to enliven your rooms and make them more interesting to look at.

However, with all the wonderful qualities of Berber carpet, there are also some drawbacks when you put it in your living room or any other rooms in your house. Berber carpet is quite fragile if you don’t take care of it in the right way.

The handwoven textures can also make it even more prone to damage by snagging if you put any heavy object on top of the carpet. This is the reason this carpet is not good to put your furniture on.

Another problem is when you try to clean it. Pet stains or any other stains might get stuck onto the carpet fabrics, and it will be very difficult to remove unless you use certain cleaning methods that are fine to use for this type of carpet. Let’s learn about how to clean Berber carpet in the best and most effective way.

The Problems with Cleaning a Berber Carpet

As a handwoven type of carpet with unique textures, Berber carpet is often difficult to clean. Dirt can seep into the carpet fibers, and it will become a challenge for you to get it out of the carpet.

Also, stains from pets and other sources might leave their imprints onto the carpet and become very difficult to clean if you don’t use the right cleaning method.

Here are some problems you might face when cleaning a Berber carpet:

  • With the interwoven loop pattern, a Berber carpet might give you the problem of snagging when you try to clean it.
  • You might damage the fabrics by accident when you try to use harsh carpet cleaning solutions to clean the stains on the carpet.
  • It is very prone to breakdown even when you use the lowest cleaning mode on the carpet cleaner machine.
  • The fabrics might also get damaged when your pets are trying to put their claws on them, which can make the carpet look ugly.
  • Some stains might be difficult to remove as they leave some hardened imprints on the carpet surface.
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With all these problems, you need to find the right cleaning solution to clean the stains on the Berber carpet you have.

What is the Best Way to Clean Berber Carpet?

Cleaning a Berber carpet is not a simple task for most people. The one characteristic of this carpet is that it can attract dirt and soak it inside the carpet fabrics.

So, from the surface, you might not see some dirt on the carpet, and you think you don’t need to clean it. But what often happens is that the dirt is hiding inside the carpet fabrics. It’s the same with stains.

So, here are some tips you can follow to clean the Berber carpet in the best way:

  • Vacuum the carpet every few days with a suction-only vacuum cleaner to extract dirt from the inside of the carpet fabrics.
  • Use slow and steady movement and low vacuuming power to avoid damaging the fabrics.
  • For stains on the surface of the carpet, you need to use the best carpet cleaning solutions like the vinegar solution and use paper towels to extract the stains from the carpet.
  • You can also use the dishwasher soap along with the kitchen sponge to clean the stains on the surface of the carpet.
  • Avoid using cleaners with strong chemicals, as the carpet can maintain the residue of the chemicals inside the fabrics, which can be unhealthy for you.

That’s how you can clean the Berber carpet in your house. One thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep the cleaning procedure as soft as possible to avoid damaging the fabrics of the carpet.

Is Berber Carpet Easy to Clean?

The regular washing and cleaning method might not be an ideal cleaning solution for the Berber carpet, as you can’t remove the dirt or stains that are inside the carpet fabrics by just washing it with water.

For first-time users, it might be a little difficult to clean this carpet. But once you understand the characteristics of the fabrics, it will get easier for you to clean them.

Follow these tips to clean Berber carpet with no difficulty:

  • Choose the carpet cleaner that supports dry cleaning mode to clean the Berber carpet, as this is one of the easiest methods to clean this carpet.
  • Clean any stains as soon as you get them on the carpet and avoid letting the stains get soaked into the fabrics.
  • Steam cleaning is also a preferred method for you to clean this carpet, as it can help remove stains and unpleasant odors with high effectiveness.
  • Using cold water is the way to go if you want to clean liquid stains from the Berber carpet.
  • Baking soda, along with dry vacuuming, can also help you remove stains from the carpet with no difficulty, as you just need to sprinkle the baking soda around the stains and vacuum it 30 minutes later.
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Cleaning the Berber carpet can be a laborious task for you to do, but there are always easier solutions you can follow. These tips will help you make everything easier for you to clean the carpet.

Can You Shampoo a Berber Carpet?

The Berber carpet is the type of carpet with unique woven fabrics that are prone to damage when you take care of it in the wrong way. You also can’t just use any type of cleaning method for this carpet.

Washing this carpet is not an option, as the carpet is not a suitable match for the washing method. It’s also the same with the shampooing method. You should not use any shampoo cleaning products for Berber carpets.

Here are some reasons you need to avoid shampooing a Berber carpet:

  • The shampoo cleaning products can often break and damage the fabrics of the Berber carpet.
  • You can also discolor the carpet if you use certain shampoo cleaning products.
  • Washing and shampooing the carpet is just not the right method to clean the carpet, as it will only give you an ineffective effect on cleaning stains and odors.
  • The carpet is not absorbing water very well, and when you shampoo it with water, the chemicals on the shampoo cleaning products will only linger on the carpet.
  • Steam cleaning or dry cleaning is a better method to clean the stains and remove odors on the carpet.

So, the answer to whether you need to shampoo a Berber carpet is clear. Shampooing a Berber carpet is not the right solution to clean it, so you need to find other cleaning solutions suitable for this type of carpet fabric.

How Do You Get Old Stains Out of Berber Carpet?

The biggest problem you might have when you deal with old stains on Berber carpet is that the stains will often become very difficult to remove. It seems to get stuck on the carpet, and it won’t get removed just by using some water on it.

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To remove old stains on Berber carpet, you need to take the next step in cleaning it, which needs to be better than the regular cleaning method you might have tried before.

Here are some tips to get old stains out of Berber carpet:

  • First, use cold water for the best effectiveness in your cleaning session, no matter what cleaning solution you choose to use.
  • You need to wet the stains before starting the cleaning process, so pour some cold water onto the carpet and blot out the stains with the paper towels.
  • For the cleaning solutions, you can use dishwasher soap, vinegar solution, or baking soda. You can also combine these solutions in one cleaning session for the best result.
  • Dry carpet cleaning using the compact portable carpet cleaner machine is preferable, as it can remove the stains and the odor fast in just a few minutes.
  • You can also pick the professional solution by asking professional cleaners to help clean your Berber carpet, which is important if the stains are heavy and very difficult to remove by yourself.

Steam cleaning is another method that you can try, as this method can help to penetrate deep into the layers of the Berber carpet, making it easier for you to remove the stains from inside. Also, it doesn’t require the use of too much water, which can damage the carpet fabrics.


Dealing with the Berber carpet is sometimes very difficult to do, even more so if this is your first Berber carpet. Because of the characteristics of the fabrics, you can damage the carpet if you are not careful in cleaning your carpet. You also can’t use a heavy carpet cleaner machine as it can damage the carpet and snag out the fabrics.

You need to carry the cleaning process in slow movements. Avoid putting any heavy object or furniture on top of the carpet. Also, choose a cleaning solution that doesn’t have any heavy chemical components on it. This way, cleaning this carpet should be easy enough for you to follow.