Can You Use a Steam Mop on Carpet? A Simple Guide

You might wonder if you can use a steam mop on the carpet. The answer is yes, you can use the steam mop to clean your carpet. In fact, a steam mop is also useful to clean other surfaces, such as hardwood floor, vinyl floor, ceramic tiles, and others. You can refer to the instruction manual of your steam mop model to find suitable surfaces to clean.

The good thing about a steam mop is that when you use it on the carpet, it won’t damage the carpet fabrics. Aside from that, you can also clean the carpet from various stains and kill bacteria and viruses at the same time. You can also use the steam mop to exterminate bug infestations around the carpet and prevent them from coming back.

The Reasons Steam Mop is Fine to Use for the Carpet

Many people think that the steam mop might not be fine to use for carpet because it can damage the carpet in some ways. This is not true. You can check the instruction manual of your steam mop model and see if it is suitable to use for the carpet. If the manual says no, then you shouldn’t use it for the carpet. But it means that it is fine to use on the carpet if the instruction manual says that the product is suitable to use for the carpet.

Here are the reasons steam mop is fine to use for carpet:

  • The steam mop doesn’t damage the carpet fabrics, as it releases the steam on the carpet without exposing it to high temperature.
  • You can keep the carpet fabrics safe by using the cleaning solution as recommended by your steam mop brand.
  • The steam temperature is just suitable for the carpet, so it’s not damaging for the fabrics.
  • You can just use water when using the steam mop to clean the carpet if you don’t want to expose your carpet to certain chemicals.
  • Steam mopping your carpet floor does not differ from using the vacuum cleaner machine to vacuum your carpet floor, so it’s fine to use on your carpet.

These are the reasons you don’t need to worry about using the steam mop for the carpet areas in your house. Yes, you can use a carpet steamer machine, but using a steam mop will remove the hassles of using the bigger machine, and you can reach more areas by using a steam mop.

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The Advantages of Using Steam Mop to Clean Your Carpet

Why use a steam mop to clean your carpet? There are many ways to clean your carpet, and there are many tools you can use to do that. However, a steam mop has its own advantages when you use it to clean your carpet. You can’t get these advantages if you use other tools like the carpet cleaning machine.

Here are the advantages of using a steam mop to clean your carpet:

  • It’s easier to move since it’s just like a regular mop you move around on top of your carpet, and the only difference is that it can produce steam.
  • The heat produced by the steam mop will help to disinfect your carpet, as it can kill bacteria and viruses lying on the carpet surface.
  • Steaming your carpet with a steam mop can also help to soften your carpet fabrics, and it can make your carpet even more comfortable to use.
  • It’s a lightweight tool you can use to clean the carpet from various stains, which is way better when you compare it with the bulky carpet cleaner machine.
  • You can use the steam mop to eliminate small stains and messes, so you don’t need to use the big carpet cleaner machine to do this simple cleaning job.

These are the advantages you can get when you use the steam mop to clean your carpet. Be sure to use only the cleaning solution recommended for your steam mop model.

Things You Can Clean on the Carpet with a Steam Mop

You can use a steam mop to clean various types of stains and messes on the carpet. This includes solid and liquid messes. You can use the steam mop to soften the carpet fabrics to make it easier for you to remove the stains or messes from the carpet. Of course, it is also important for you to blot out or remove the sources of the mess first before using the steam mop.

Here are the things you can clean on the carpet with a steam mop:

  • Pet stains. Pets can leave their messes all around the carpet area. After removing the sources of their mess, such as poop, vomit, and pee, you can use the steam mop to clean and restore the carpet to its best condition.
  • Stains from foods. Foods can get spilt on the carpet, and it can leave stains on the surface. Some stains from foods can also seep into the carpet fabrics, making them more difficult to remove. A steam mop can help you remove the stains from foods even though it has seeped into the fabrics of your carpet.
  • Dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can get into the carpet fabrics and the small particles might be difficult to remove. After vacuuming the carpet, you can use the steam mop to clean the remaining dirt and debris and make the carpet fabrics smooth again.
  • Bug infestation. Have problems with bugs like bedbugs and carpet beetles? You can use the steam mop to exterminate them, as they will die when you expose them to the heat produced by the steam mop.
  • Mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are unhealthy for your body, and they smell bad. After removing them from the carpet, you can use the steam mop to disinfect the carpet area and prevent any bacteria and viruses from spreading around.
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Important Tips When Using a Steam Mop on the Carpet

Using a steam mop on the carpet will give you easier manoeuvrability when moving around, and it will be easier for you to reach for unreachable parts of your carpet as well. So, rather than using the big carpet cleaning machine, a steam mop is an excellent choice to get the simple cleaning jobs done for your carpet. Of course, for the bigger stain removal, it’s still better for you to use the carpet cleaner machine.

Here are some important tips when using a steam mop on the carpet:

  • It is best for you to vacuum the carpet areas first before you steam it using the steam mop equipment.
  • Remove any items that might disturb you during the steam moping operation, and also, you need to remove the source of stains on the carpet first.
  • Use the cleaning solution suitable for your steam mop model and don’t forget to fill in the tank with water before steaming.
  • Work on your steaming backwards by starting from the far corner of the carpet to avoid walking on the wet carpet later.
  • Don’t move too fast when you steam mopping the carpet, as it is better and more beneficial for the carpet if you move at a slower pace.

Follow these tips to get the best out of your steam mopping operation on the carpet.


How do you clean a carpet with a steam mop?

Using a steam mop to clean a carpet is the same as when you use the steam mop to clean other floor surfaces. First, be sure to fill the water tank before steaming. Then, you need to go in slower movements during the cleaning sessions.

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Can you use a steam cleaner on the carpet?

Yes, you can use a steam cleaner on the carpet. It can help you get rid of various stains and messes. Also, it can disinfect the carpet and make the carpet look smooth and fresh.

Can I clean my carpet with a Shark steam mop?

Of course, you can clean your carpet with a Shark steam mop. As explained in this guide, a steam mop is useful to use on different floor surfaces, which include carpet floor. Refer to your product’s instruction manual to know more about the details on the supported floor surfaces.

What is the best steam mop for carpets?

There are many excellent quality steam mops you can find on the market today. There are also various brands you can choose from, such as Shark and Bissell. The best one you can use will depend on your needs, and also, it’s best to look at the features they offer and the supported floor surfaces you can clean.


Now, you have the question answered. You can use a steam mop on the carpet, and you can use the steam mop to clean various stains and do many other things for your carpet. It’s also useful for you to disinfect the carpet and make it look fresh again.

Using a steam mop is better than using the carpet cleaner machine in some ways, such as when you consider the lightweight design of the steam mop. With the lightweight design, you can move it around much easier on the carpet and other surfaces. Well, it’s time to start the cleaning process!