How to Deep Clean Travertine Floors? 3 Simple Ways

Travertine flooring is a beautiful and durable stone floor many people use in their house, and it has the look and feels similar to marbles. Travertine itself is the type of limestone, and it has natural earth colours you can choose to beautify your house with the unique flooring material. However, because of its unique structure, you also need to treat this type of flooring with a different treatment, such as during the cleaning process.

Cleaning the travertine floors will differ when you compare it with the cleaning of regular ceramic tiles or hardwood floors. It has a unique structure, and thus it requires a different cleaning procedure. This guide will help you deal with the deep cleaning process of travertine floors, including the other tips related to travertine flooring maintenance.

Things to Do and Things to Avoid in Travertine Floor Cleaning

Cleaning the travertine floors will require you to follow the guidelines below. This is very important, even more so if you are trying to clean the floors for the first time. There are some things to do and things to avoid when cleaning the travertine flooring, so please follow these guidelines to avoid problems or frustrations later.

Here are some important things to do when cleaning the travertine flooring:

  • Use the cleaning solution that is suitable for travertine floors. Please note that harsh chemicals can damage the stones, so always pick the right cleaning solution for your travertine flooring.
  • Sweep the floors and mop it often using a dry mop, at least when you find some dirt on it.
  • Wipe away any liquid spills, stains, or messes from the floors with a clean cloth to avoid the liquid from getting absorbed into the stones.
  • Put a rag or carpet above the floor areas you use often to avoid any crack from frequent use.
  • Use the cleaner with the soft brushes for travertine floors and be sure to choose the pH-neutral cleaning solution.

Here are some important things to avoid when cleaning the travertine flooring:

  • Don’t use homemade cleaning solutions to clean travertine floors. Use the commercial cleaners suitable for this type of flooring.
  • Don’t use too much water during the cleaning session, as the stones can absorb the water and thus render it ineffective for cleaning.
  • It is best to use a manual cleaner with soft brushes and avoid using a vacuum cleaner machine with harsh brushes and the high suction power on this type of flooring.
  • Don’t use any cleaning solution with acidic ingredients on it, as it can damage the floors and make it look bad.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the travertine floors, as they can cause damage to the stones and create a hazardous environment in your home.
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Steps to Deep Clean the Travertine Floors

Please note that sometimes, using the wrong cleaning solution can discolour or damage your travertine floors. So, be sure to use only the cleaning solution suitable for this type of flooring. You need to deep-clean the travertine floors from time to time to keep it in the best condition and avoid any potential damages because of the regular wear and tear. It will also help you keep the shiny look of the travertine floors.

Here are the steps to deep-clean the travertine floors:

  • Sweep and mop the floor with the dry mop and using no cleaning solution first, so you can get rid of the dust and debris on the floor.
  • Prepare a suitable cleaning solution for travertine floors and apply it on the floor surface. You can work to clean the section of the floor by section.
  • Next, prepare a damp mop and mop the floor after you apply the cleaning solution on it. Don’t use too much water on the mop; just use the water until the mop is damp enough for you to use.
  • Repeat applying the cleaning solution and mopping the floor in other sections, until you clean all areas.
  • Next, you can let the floors dry by themselves, or you can use a dry cloth to fasten the drying process on the floor.

Follow these steps to deep-clean the travertine floors in your house. Perform this deep cleaning process at least once a month or every time you find any stains on the floors.

Removing the Stains and Disinfect the Travertine Floors

Sometimes, you might get stains on your travertine flooring, and there are also times when you need to disinfect the floors. Travertine floors have pores in their stones, so the pores will often absorb liquid into the stones, which can make it difficult for you to remove the stains from the floors. Thus, when you have some stains on the travertine floors, you need to act fast to remove it before it gets absorbed by the pores.

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Here are some tips to remove stains and disinfect the travertine floors:

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the stains as soon as possible, as you need to prevent it from getting absorbed into the pores.
  • You can use a dry mop along with some warm water to wipe the stains further.
  • Then, you can use baking soda around the stained area to clean and disinfect the travertine floors.
  • Sweep the floor and get rid of the baking soda after waiting for some time, and then use the dry mop to finish the cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • You can continue using the usual cleaning solution after you’ve completed the process.

Please note that baking soda is a suitable cleaning solution to use for travertine floors, as it doesn’t contain any acidic substance. So, you can use baking soda to clean the stains and disinfect your floors before using the usual commercial cleaning solution.

Travertine Flooring Maintenance Tips

Just like any flooring type, travertine flooring can get damaged without constant maintenance, even if it’s just because of the daily wear and tear. Also, the floors can look washed out because of the discolouration if you don’t use the proper cleaning solution for it. Although travertine floors are durable, they can get scratched or cracked if you are not careful in handling it.

Here are some travertine flooring maintenance tips to keep the floors in the best condition:

  • You need to clean the dirt and debris from the floor surface using a soft broom or dry mop it with a soft cloth.
  • Use only the vacuum cleaner with soft brushes and low suction power, and if possible, you can use the handheld vacuum cleaner model.
  • Use microfiber along with warm water if you need to wipe out the stains from the floors, and you need to avoid using too much warm water.
  • It’s best to cover your travertine flooring with an area rug or carpet to avoid damaging it, even more so when the area has high foot traffic.
  • It is also better to seal the stones to protect the travertine flooring from unexpected cracks and scratches.

Follow these maintenance tips to keep your travertine flooring in the best condition. It can add to the beauty of your house if you keep it well-cleaned and well-maintained.


What is the best cleaner for travertine floors?

It is best for you to use a commercial cleaner suitable for travertine floors, as this type of flooring is prone to discolouration when you use the wrong cleaner. Also, you need to avoid using any cleaner that contains acidic ingredients and harsh chemicals. Baking soda is still an excellent choice to use as a disinfectant, since it is not acidic, meaning that it will not cause any discolouration for the travertine floors.

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Can you use a steam mop on travertine floors?

Yes, you can use a steam mop on travertine floors, because it is better for you to use less water when you clean the travertine flooring. Please check the instruction manual when you use the steam mop on the travertine flooring, to avoid any problems with it. Steam mopping the travertine floors is almost the same as using a dry mop with some warm water, which is a suitable way to clean the travertine floors.

How do you make travertine tile look new again?

You can sweep and then mop the floor at first to eliminate any dust and debris on it. Then, you can use the commercial cleaning solution on the floors to clean it further. Then, use the polishing powder to polish the travertine floor before you clean it again. Also, you need to seal up the floor to give it a shiny look.

How do you restore travertine floors?

Restoring the travertine floors has to do with cleaning them and maintaining them. As explained in this guide, you can clean the travertine floors and perform regular maintenance to restore them to their pristine condition. Also, you can polish the travertine floors to give them a shinier look.


You’ve learned how to deep-clean the travertine floors and keep them free from stains and other messes. Also, you’ve learned about how to maintain the travertine flooring and keep it in the best condition. It is best for you to deep-clean the travertine floors in your house at least once a month, and also, it is important to clean it from dirt, stains, and messes every day.

Keep your travertine floors clean and keep the beauty of your home environment at the same time. Start today!