Shark Steamer Not Steaming, Most Common Shark Steamer Problems

Shark steamer comes in various types and models, but the most common problem with this equipment is that sometimes, it doesn’t release the steam. You might get into panic mode, thinking that you have a broken Shark steamer and need to replace it. But, before you purchase another Shark steamer, you need to know that this is a common problem that you can fix with ease.

Whether you are using the manual, automatic, or handheld model of the Shark steamer, you just need to follow the basic steps to restore the steamer to its normal condition. However, you need to know that there are various probable causes for the Shark steamer not working as normal, so you need to investigate the cause of the problem in your equipment first before you try to fix it. This guide will help you deal with the problem of Shark steamer not steaming.

Various Causes for Shark Steamer Not Steaming

What is the cause for your current Shark steamer problem? You need to look at the equipment you have and find out the cause for it not to release steam as normal. Most steaming malfunction problems happen because of one of these causes. Here are the potential causes for Shark steamer not steaming:

  • Empty water tank. When the water tank is empty, your Shark steamer won’t release any steam. So, check if the water tank is full.
  • Bent water intake tube. The tube on the water tank might not connect to the bottom of the tank because of it being bent. Try to straighten the water intake tube to ensure that it reaches the bottom of the tank.
  • Wrong mode of operation. Check the mode of operation of your Shark steam equipment and see if you set it to the Steam and Spray or Steam-only operation mode. Without setting it to the Steam-only mode, you will not get any steaming out of the equipment.
  • Blocked nozzle. Some materials might block the nozzle of your Steam equipment, so be sure to check if there are blockages. When you have a blocked nozzle, the steam won’t release, and you can’t do anything until you release the block. You can use the nozzle cleaner that comes with your equipment purchase to clean the nozzle of your Shark steamer.
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These causes are the most common reasons your Shark steamer won’t release steam as normal. So, investigate these causes in your steam equipment to find out the right fix for it.

Unclogging the Steam Nozzle

The clogged Shark steam mop can cause the equipment to stop working as normal, and it might be the primary cause for your steamer not to release steam. So, it’s important for you to unclog the Shark steam mop to ensure that no blockages will hinder it from releasing the steam or water spray. For this purpose, you need to disassemble the equipment and check the nozzle or sprayer for the Shark steam mop.

Here are some steps to unclog the Shark steam mop:

  • Remove the steamer from the wall outlet and empty the water tank. Make sure that the water tank is empty by wiping the remaining water inside the tank.
  • Then, you need to remove the screws at the base of the steam mop to get access to the sprayer or nozzle for the steamer.
  • Use the nozzle cleaner accessory that comes with your steam mop when you purchase it and use the nozzle cleaner to clean the sprayer or nozzle of the steam mop according to the instruction manual.
  • As an alternative, you can also use the paperclip to clean the inside of the nozzle and remove any blockages there. Be aware that the nozzle hole is quite small, so you need to clean it with gentle movements.
  • You can use the vinegar mixture to help clean the nozzle or sprayer of the steam mop, as this mixture can help dissolve the contaminants or materials blocking the nozzle.
  • Once you’re done, you can reassemble the steam mop, fill the water tank, and then use the equipment again as usual by powering it onto the power outlet.

Follow these steps to unclog the nozzle or sprayer in your Shark steamer equipment to ensure that no blockages hinder the release of steam in your equipment. The nozzle can get clogged from everyday use, so you need to clean it from time to time.

Important Things to Do when You Fix the Shark Steamer

Fixing the Shark steamer should be a straightforward process. It’s not complicated to do if you know the reason for the steaming problem in your equipment. Thus, it’s important for you to investigate the cause of the problem and fix the equipment as soon as possible. However, it is also important to check the instruction manual for the troubleshooting tips, as each model might have a hardware design that requires different fixing steps.

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Here are some important things to do when you fix the Shark steamer:

  • Always disconnect the steamer equipment from the power outlet and wait for some time before you disassemble the equipment.
  • Keep the water tank empty when you attempt to clean the inside of the equipment to avoid the water to spill around the electrical components.
  • Disconnect all parts in proper ways, clean the parts that require cleaning, and re-assemble the parts and lock them into position.
  • Make sure everything is connected and locked into position before you plug the equipment into the wall outlet.
  • Fill the water tank and wait for a few minutes before you use it to allow the equipment to produce heat and begin releasing steam again.

Follow these important tips when you fix the Shark steamer, and you will be well on your way to get it working as normal again. The key is to find the real reason for it to stop working and then follow the steps to solve the problem.

How to Prevent the Shark-Steamer-Not-Steaming Problem?

Fixing the problem of your Shark steamer is just one step you need to do to keep the machine working as normal. The next step is to follow the maintenance routine to ensure that the Shark steamer is always working in excellent condition whenever you use it. So, there are certain steps you need to follow to keep the equipment in its best working condition.

Here are some tips to prevent the Shark-steamer-not-steaming problem:

  • Use the Shark steamer mop in surface areas only suitable for the equipment as stated in the instruction manual.
  • Always turn on the equipment only after you have filled the water tank to avoid overheating the tank.
  • Use the steamer after you plug it into the wall outlet and don’t let it stay idle while you keep it plugged into the wall outlet.
  • Keep the Shark steamer clean after every cleaning operation, since it can help you prevent any material buildup that can impede the release of steam from the equipment.
  • Remove the cleaning head of the Shark steamer when you store it, and store the equipment in a clean and well-ventilated storage area.
  • Clean the nozzle from time to time, such as once a week, to avoid material buildup around the steam sprayer.
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Follow these tips to maintain your Shark steamer equipment and avoid creating the same problem in the future. It’s better to prevent the steam equipment from malfunctioning rather than fixing the problem later.


  • How do you fix a steamer that won’t steam? As explained in this guide, you need to investigate the cause of the problem first. Once you’ve identified the cause of the problem, you can start the fixing process by following the steps already explained in this guide. For example, the most common problem is the blocked nozzle, so you need to clean the nozzle to allow the steam to release again from the equipment.
  • How do you fix a Shark steamer? First, you need to check the instruction manual, as it will often give you some troubleshooting tips based on your steamer model. Depending on the problem you experience, you might need to disassemble the equipment and fix the non-working part. Also, check the water tank and see if it is empty, as the empty water tank is also a common cause for the steamer problem.
  • How do you unclog a steamer? To unclog a steamer, you first need to get access to the steam nozzle. You can do it by unscrewing the screws at the bottom of the equipment to get you access to the nozzle or sprayer. You can unclog the nozzle by using the nozzle cleaner accessory or a paper clip.
  • How do you unclog a Shark steam mop with vinegar? You need to get access to the nozzle of the Shark steam mop. Then, unclog it with the nozzle cleaner accessory or paper clip to remove the blockage. After that, you can spray some vinegar mixture into the nozzle area to dissolve the contaminant and remove the blockage in your Shark steam mop.


By following this guide, you can solve the problem of Shark steamer not steaming. In fact, you can also apply the solution as explained in this guide with steamers from other brands as well, because they have similar designs.

Now that you can fix the Shark steamer, you can start the cleaning process again. And remember, follow the maintenance tips to keep your equipment in its best condition. Happy cleaning!