Things Not to Do with a Carpet Cleaner Machine

Do you want to clean your carpet without going through too many hassles? You can do it by using the carpet cleaner machine. With this tool, you don’t need to make your own homemade carpet cleaning solution, and you don’t need to brush your carpet with your hand.

It makes cleaning your carpet something you can do in a breeze. You just need to prepare the cleaning product you want to use with the machine, turn on the machine, and use it just like you’re using the vacuum cleaner.

However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to when using a carpet cleaner machine. In fact, you need to avoid doing things that might damage the machine and render it ineffective. Here are 5 things not to do with a carpet cleaner machine:

  1. Failing to Check the Instruction Manual

The instruction manual of a product is often the one thing that people will ignore after purchasing the product. You should not do it when you purchase a carpet cleaner machine.

A carpet cleaner machine is not some kind of tool that you can use without learning about it, or at least knowing about what you can do with it. So, reading the instruction manual for the product is important to learn more about it before you can use it.

Important Tips:

  • You cannot miss reading the instruction manual just because you think that you already know how to use it.
  • Your carpet cleaner machine might have some special features you are not aware of, and the instruction manual might explain to you about these features.
  • It is also good to find some information about your product from the manufacturer’s website, such as videos, articles, how-to, and much more.
  • You might miss some important information about product maintenance if you skip reading the instruction manual for the carpet cleaner machine.
  • You don’t need to read the manual page by page, but it is necessary for you to at least check it out.

The one piece of advice that you shouldn’t miss is to read the instruction manual for the carpet cleaner machine so that you have the best idea of how to use it.

  1. Not Using the Carpet Cleaning Product that is Compatible with Your Machine

With the carpet cleaner machine, you can use commercial cleaning products that are compatible with it. Check the label on the back and see if the cleaning product is suitable for use with the carpet cleaner machine.

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Not all products are suitable for the carpet cleaner machine, as many cleaning products are suitable only for manual cleaning procedures.

Also, you need to check the product documentation of your carpet cleaner to find out if there are any recommended commercial cleaning products to use.

Important Tips:

  • To maximize the effectiveness of the machine, you need to use the cleaning product that is suitable for it.
  • Some cleaning products might not be suitable for use with carpet cleaner machines, as they are only suitable for manual cleaning use.
  • You can’t just put some homemade cleaning solutions into the machine’s tank unless you are sure that you can use it with the machine.
  • Using the cleaning product that is not suitable for your carpet cleaner tool will also risk damaging it.
  • Using the incompatible cleaning product might also render the cleaning product ineffective in cleaning the stains and other mess on your carpet.

Please note that you need to use the cleaning solutions designed for specific use with the carpet cleaning machines.

  1. Failing to Empty and Clean the Tank After Using the Machine

One important maintenance activity you need to do with your carpet cleaner machine is to ensure emptying and cleaning the tank after you use the machine.

You will need to use the tank to fill the machine with water and the cleaning solution of your choice before you use it to clean your carpet. Thus, it is important for you to clean the tank after each cleaning session to ensure that it remains clean.

Important Tips:

  • Failing to empty the tank after using the carpet cleaning machine will make it easier for the tank to get dirty.
  • The dirty water will seep into the outer layer of the tank, making it difficult for you to clean it if you don’t empty the tank often.
  • Failing to clean the tank after using the machine will also make the tank to get dirty over time, and the smell of dirty water will get compounded inside the tank to make it even less effective to clean your carpet.
  • You need to clean the tank with a thorough cleaning method to ensure that it will be fine to use the next time you need to clean your carpet.
  • Never let dirty water sit on the tank for a long period since it can be the source of bacteria and become unhealthy for you to use, such as when you use it to clean your carpet without cleaning the tank.
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Remember to always empty and clean the tank of the carpet cleaner machine after using it.

  1. Failing to Clean the Brush After Using the Machine

It’s also the same with the brush. The brush is the tool available in the carpet cleaner machine, which you will use to clean the carpet from stains and other mess.

For instance, if you are cleaning the pet urine stains on the carpet, the brush will be the tool that will have direct contact with the stains on the carpet. So, it is very important to clean the brush of your carpet cleaner machine after each use.

Important Tips:

  • You need to clean the brush often, such as after using the machine, to ensure that the brush will do its job in cleaning the stains on the carpet the next time you use your carpet cleaner.
  • You need to clean the brush to avoid any dirt or stains from compounding inside the brush, making it dirty without you realizing it.
  • When you use the dirty brush to clean the carpet next time, it will be difficult for you to perform a thorough cleaning procedure on your carpet.
  • Also, it is important to clean the brush as soon as you complete the cleaning session because you need to remove the remaining stains from the brush as soon as possible.
  • Delaying the cleaning of the brush will only make it dirtier with the stains you just cleaned on the carpet, and it will be more difficult to clean the brush later.

You need to keep the brush clean when using the carpet cleaner machine, so you need to clean the brush after each cleaning session.

  1. Using the Machine to Clean Other Things Aside from Carpet

As a carpet cleaner machine, you need to use it to clean the carpets in your house. Don’t use it to clean any other things around the house, as it is not suitable for such cleaning work.

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Using the carpet cleaner machine to clean other things, such as the floors or something else, might damage it or even render it useless.

Important Tips:

  • Use the carpet cleaner machine only to clean the carpets in your house.
  • No matter the fabrics, as long as they are still carpet, you can use the carpet cleaner to clean them.
  • Avoid using the carpet cleaner for things other than the carpet, such as the floors, beds, mattresses, and so on.
  • Always follow the instruction manual when using the machine, including the things you need to avoid cleaning with the machine.
  • It is possible that your carpet cleaner might only clean certain stains or mess on the carpet, so check the instruction manual to ensure you get the best idea about the stains you can clean with the carpet cleaner. Always follow this guideline.

You need to use the carpet cleaner only to clean the carpet and only for the stains that it can clean. Don’t force it to do the work it cannot do by design.


Using a carpet cleaner can give you more advantages in cleaning the carpets in your house. The stains from pets or the other mess you can find on the carpet can disappear fast when you use the carpet cleaner machine.

Also, the smell from the stains will disappear after you perform a cleaning procedure with it. Just make sure to use the cleaning product that has essential oils as the ingredient.

Don’t forget to store your carpet cleaner in the right place and to keep it clean all the time. Also, you need to prevent yourself from abandoning it in the house. You need to use the machine often to keep it in good shape.

Schedule a time when you can use the carpet cleaner machine to clean the carpet in your house.

The recommended period for you to perform a thorough cleaning procedure for your carpet is once per week or once per two weeks. This way, you can always use the carpet while it is clean.