How to Get Shampoo Out of Carpet? CleanThese

Sometimes, you can spill hair shampoo by accident on your carpet floor. This can be a nightmare to deal with, and yes, it can take some time for you to clean the shampoo out of the carpet. By pouring water on the shampoo, you can get plenty of foam, and the spill can only get bigger to affect other areas on the carpet.

So, when dealing with the shampoo spill, you need to be careful not to make it spread around the carpet areas. You need to contain the spill around one specific area to make sure that it won’t create other messes around. This is the guide to help you get the shampoo out of the carpet.

The Challenges of Getting Shampoo Out of Carpet

Cleaning the shampoo spill from the carpet is not as easy as it looks. There are various challenges that you need to deal with, even more so if you spill quite a lot of shampoo on the carpet surface. The shampoo might seep into the inside of the carpet fabrics, and when it happens, the residue can linger on if you don’t wipe it away as soon as possible.

Here are some challenges of getting shampoo out of carpet:

  • It can take a lot of time to get rid of all shampoo from the carpet surface and also from the inside of the carpet fabrics.
  • You can leave the spill on the carpet without cleaning it, and it will become dry. Dry shampoo can be very waxy and uncomfortable when you step on it.
  • Sometimes, shampoo can also discolour the carpet, which can make the carpet look ugly.
  • Using water on the shampoo will create foam, and it might make the spill get bigger than the initial area.
  • You might need to clean the entire carpet if the shampoo spill becomes difficult to deal with, which is the best solution for this case.

These are the challenges you have to deal with when trying to clean shampoo from the carpet. So, it’s important for you to keep in mind not to spread the spills further around the carpet area.

Basic Steps to Follow to Clean Shampoo from Carpet

Cleaning shampoo from your carpet can take some time, and you need to do the process in repeat until there is no shampoo left on the carpet surface area. Depending on the size of the shampoo spill, you need to be diligent in preventing the spill from getting bigger by preventing creating big foams around the carpet surface.

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Here are the basic steps to follow to clean shampoo from the carpet:

  • Prepare some paper tissues and use them to blot out as much shampoo from the carpet area as possible.
  • Blot out the shampoo spill further while pressing the carpet surface using the paper tissues to wipe away the shampoo that seeps into the inside of the fabrics.
  • Now, pour some water around the spilt area and blot it out further with the paper tissues. Don’t put too much water on the area.
  • You might see some foam or soap coming out when you pour the area with water. Keep blotting out the water from the area until you see no more foam or soap.
  • Dry the carpet by waiting for a few hours or dry it with a hairdryer before you use the carpet again as usual.

Follow these steps to get rid of shampoo from your carpet surface area. Please note that you need to be careful not to use too much water around the spill to avoid spreading it around.

Tools You Can Use to Wipe Away Shampoo from Your Carpet

There are various tools you can use to wipe away shampoo from your carpet. You can find these tools in your household. Some tools are very useful in helping you get rid of the spill from the carpet as soon as possible before you wipe it out with water. You can use these tools to make it easier for you to stop the spread of the shampoo spill on your carpet surface.

Here are the tools you can use to wipe away shampoo from your carpet:

  • Paper tissues. You will need a lot of paper tissues to blot out the shampoo spill from the carpet and also to blot out the water from the carpet when you clean it.
  • Spoon. Sometimes, removing the shampoo from the carpet surface will be difficult if there are too many spills on it. To make it easier, you can use a spoon to remove the shampoo from the carpet and prevent it from spreading around other areas.
  • Spray bottle. Trying to remove the remaining shampoo on the carpet will become easier when you use a spray bottle. Just put the water in the spray bottle and spray the affected areas and blot it out. This way, you don’t need to put too much water on the affected area.
  • Hairdryer. You can use a hairdryer to dry the carpet area once you blot out the water from the carpet. It can speed up the drying process of the carpet.
  • Carpet cleaner machine. You can clean the entire carpet with the carpet cleaner machine if the spills are too widespread. This is an excellent solution, as it will also refresh the carpet and remove other stains throughout the carpet areas.
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These tools can help you with the cleaning of shampoo spills on your carpet. With these tools, it will become easier for you to wipe and remove the spills and keep the carpet free from shampoo residue.

Additional Tips to Clean Shampoo Spills from Carpet

Sometimes, cleaning shampoo spills can be a daunting task to do, as you need to deal with plenty of foam and soapy water during the cleaning process. It can also be an annoying thing to do when you need to deal with the spread of shampoo spills, which is the reason you need to keep the spill in the concentrated area.

Here are some additional tips to clean shampoo spills from carpet:

  • Don’t use too much water during the cleaning process. No need to wet the carpet surface. You just need to make it damp enough for you to blot out the remaining spills.
  • You can use a portable vacuum cleaner with wet mode to vacuum the shampoo spills from the carpet. However, you still need to follow up the process by blotting out the remaining shampoo with water.
  • Try to feel the carpet surface. You need to check if the carpet surface still feels waxy or soapy. If it is, then it means that there are still some shampoo spills you need to get rid of. Keep blotting it out.
  • Use the shop vac. Using the shop vac to clean the shampoo spill is also an excellent alternative, such as when the shampoo spills cover a large area on your carpet.
  • Dry the carpet. It’s important to dry the carpet before you use it again, as the carpet might produce unpleasant odors if you don’t dry it in full.

These additional tips can help make it easier for you to clean the shampoo spill from your carpet faster.

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  • How do you clean up spilled shampoo? First, you need to get rid of the spilt shampoo by blotting it out with paper tissues. Then, you need to use water on the remaining spills to remove them. Do this in repeat until you wipe the spilled shampoo out of your carpet.
  • How do you get the shower gel out of carpet? You can use almost the same steps as when you clean the spilt shampoo, as they are similar. However, it’s better to use lukewarm water than regular tap water to remove the shower gel from the carpet. You also need to perform the blotting out process in repeat.
  • Can you use hair shampoo on the carpet? No, you cannot use hair shampoo on the carpet. Hair shampoo is quite soapy and waxy when you apply it on the carpet surface. It’s better to use the regular carpet cleaner solution if you want to clean your carpet from stains and other messes.
  • How to clean spilled soap on carpet? You need to remove the soap first from the carpet surface by blotting it out using paper tissues or a dry cloth. Then, you need to spray some water on the affected area to blot out the remaining soap further. Spilt soap is quite easier to remove than shampoo spill, so you just need to repeat the process for some time before removing the remaining soap from the carpet.


The accidental spill of shampoo on your carpet surface can be difficult to deal with, and you need to wipe the shampoo as soon as possible before it creates further problems for your carpet. Spilt shampoo can seep into the fibres of your carpet and make it sticky and soapy when you let it dry on the carpet. Also, it can cause some discolouration effects if you don’t clean it from the carpet surface.

It’s always important to start the cleaning process as soon as possible and make sure that you remove all residue of the shampoo from the carpet. Follow this guide to get the shampoo out of the carpet today!