How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Carpet? 5 Easy Ways

Cats are adorable pets to own and take care of. However, there are also problems that you might experience from time to time when you decide to adopt some cats and keep them in your house. Of course, they will play a lot.

They will hop on various pieces of furniture that you have around the house, and sometimes, they might damage your couch by scratching on it.

One common problem that cat owners will experience is the problem of cats peeing on the carpet. However, it can be very annoying when your cats are peeing on the carpet instead of on the litter box.

The odor or the smell can also be very unpleasant for your family members. Even more so, if your carpets are expensive, it can be much worse.

You need to prepare yourself with some cleaning solutions to remove the cat urine from the carpet and also remove the unpleasant odor.

You need to do this as soon as possible and don’t delay it, as it will get more difficult for you to remove the urine and smell from the carpet later.

Please Note: Check the Problems with Your Cat

Cats will often go to the litter box to pee or poop when you teach them to do so. So, when your cat is having an unusual behavior, such as peeing on the carpet, it can be a sign of some problems with your cat.

For instance, cats can also feel stress and become unhealthy. It is one of the most common causes for cats to pee on the carpet instead of the usual litter box.

You might need to bring your cat to the nearest vet to get examined. Maybe your cat is having some health or stress issues you need to resolve first. This is even more important if it becomes a habit for your cat to litter around the house.

You also need to remember that male cats often pee on certain places to mark their domination in those areas. You should also consult this problem with your vet to prevent similar problems from happening later.

Easy Cleaning Methods to Clean Your Carpet from Cat Urine and the Smell

Now, we can talk about how to clean your carpet from cat urine and the smell associated with it. Don’t get frustrated just yet when your cat behaves in ways that might annoy or irritate you.

You need to prepare for the cleaning solutions that can help you get rid of the smell and the stain of the cat urine from your carpet.

The methods you will learn here are very easy to do, and you don’t need to perform any complicated steps to follow the cleaning procedure. However, you need to act fast before the urine becomes dry on the carpet because it will give an even worse smell on it.

So, get some paper tissues or paper towels to blot out the urine from the carpet as much as possible after finding out your cat is peeing on the carpet. This way, you will only need to deal with the remaining stain and perform the cleaning procedure right away.

Here are the 5 easy cleaning methods to get cat urine smell out of the carpet, you can also use these best pet carpet cleaners for amazing results:

  1. Dishwasher Soap

As the soap you’re using to clean the dishes, dishwasher soap is an excellent cleaning material that you can use to remove the urine odor of your cat. Yes, you can use any other soaps, but dishwasher soap is often the most effective.

It has a powerful cleaning agent to remove all the greasy materials from your dishes, so you can use it to remove the pet urine from the carpet with no problem.

Aside from removing the pet urine and stain, you can also remove the odor from the urine using this cleaning solution. Just grab one from your kitchen and pour it on the urine stain and wait for a while. After that, brush the carpet with a kitchen sponge until you clean the stain from the carpet.

Rinse it with some water and let the carpet dry out for a few hours. Now, you can enjoy a clean carpet with no odor from the pet urine.

Dishwasher Soap Tips:

  • Using warm water along with the dishwasher soap can give you better results when you apply it to the carpet. It can dissolve the stains better, and it will be faster in removing the unpleasant odor from the stains.
  • Remember to brush the carpet with the sponge and not only use the sponge to blot out the water when you use the dishwasher soap. Brushing the carpet with slow movements can help remove the stains and the odor from the carpet in a much more effective.
  • Also, you can use dishwasher soap to clean the stains on other areas in your house, such as on the floors, windows, and surfaces. Aside from that, you can use it to remove the stains on your clothes along with the use of regular detergent.
  • You don’t need to use too much dishwasher soap when cleaning the carpet from the stains. You only need to use a tablespoon of dishwasher soap and apply it on the carpet before pouring some water on top of the stain.
  • Use the paper towels to rinse clean the carpet when you use the dishwasher soap to ensure that you can get all the remaining soap out from the carpet. Do this in repeat until the carpet is dry enough before you can continue drying the carpet further.
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The dishwasher soap is perhaps the best cleaning solution you can get, even more so if you are in a hurry and in need to clean the stains as soon as possible. You can just grab this cleaning solution from the kitchen and clean the carpet right away.

  1. Vinegar Water Spray

Another easy method to clean your pet’s urine odor from the carpet is by using vinegar. The vinegar is also a homemade cleaning solution that you can find in your kitchen.

You often use it for your foods, and now you can also use it to clean your carpet and remove the odor from the cat urine on it. It is also simple to do.

You need to prepare three bowls and an empty spray bottle. Pour some vinegar into one bowl and pour the same amount of water into another bowl.

Mix the water and vinegar by pouring them into the third bowl to get the 1:1 mixture ratio from both. Then pour the mixture into the empty spray bottle and use it to clean your carpet.

To clean the carpet from the cat’s urine and remove the odor, you need to blot the urine first from the carpet. After that, spray the urine areas on the carpet with the mix of vinegar and water you just made.

Then, blot the vinegar water from the carpet every time you spray it. Use some paper tissues or paper towels to do this. You need to do it a few times to get the cat urine out of the carpet and remove the odor. After this cleaning procedure, you can let the carpet dry.

Vinegar Water Spray Tips:

  • Using vinegar water spray might not be suitable for stains that cover an extensive area of your carpet. For this type of stain, you need to use a cleaning solution that involves brushing the stain from the carpet. For light stains, the vinegar water spray is suitable and effective to clean them.
  • Sometimes, the odor might not get removed when you use the vinegar water spray. So, you need to continue cleaning the carpet further if the odor still very much lingers on the carpet. Using the baking soda after spraying the carpet with the vinegar water spray might help you remove the odor from the carpet.
  • Using warm water for the spray will help dissolve the stain faster and remove it from the carpet. The warm water will give you a stronger mixture for the vinegar water spray and make the cleaning job easier for you to complete.
  • Using the microfiber cloth to blot out the water spray from the carpet is preferable, as it can let you clean the carpet much better. Brush the stained areas using the microfiber cloth after you apply some vinegar water spray on it.
  • Use this cleaning method for liquid stains, as it will be more effective that way. For instance, the stains from cat urine or other pets. Vinegar water spray will dissolve the cat urine fast from the carpet. We don’t recommend using this for stains caused by feces, vomit, and similar sources.

The vinegar water spray is a simple cleaning solution you can create as soon as you find the cat urine on the carpet. The cleaning process is also very simple to do.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is another common cleaning tool you can use to remove cat urine smell from your carpet. It has the properties that can help you deodorize the carpet and remove the smell of the cat urine from it.

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To use this method, you need to use the liquid dishwasher soap and mix it with 3% of hydrogen peroxide in a small mixture. Once you mix it, you can apply the cleaning mixture to the cat urine stain and rub the area using a sponge or brush. You might need to do this for a few minutes until you are sure that the stain or the odor disappears.

Rinse the affected areas with water after you clean them with this cleaning solution. Dry your carpet for a few hours afterward.

Hydrogen Peroxide Tips:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is the cleaning solution you can use to deodorize the carpet while cleaning up the stains from the cat urine. This method is very effective to clean the cat urine stain fast and remove the odor from the carpet.
  • One disadvantage of using hydrogen peroxide is that you might damage your carpet fabrics if the fabrics are not compatible with this cleaning solution. So, it is better for you to check if the hydrogen peroxide is suitable for you to use on the carpet by testing it on a small area first.
  • Use only 3% of hydrogen peroxide. If you use a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide, it might not give you an excellent result from the cleaning procedure you will follow later. It can also increase the chance for this chemical to damage the carpet.
  • Let your pets and family members out when you clean the carpet with the hydrogen peroxide mixture. The smell might not be pleasant for your cats or your family members. Also, remember that this is a chemical cleaner, meaning that it is only fine to use if you use it according to the instruction.
  • Using the dishwasher soap alongside the hydrogen peroxide can help clean the carpet from the cat’s urine faster, and the smell will also dissolve faster. You can just spend a few minutes cleaning and brushing the carpet with this mixture to get the best result out of the cleaning procedure.

Hydrogen peroxide is one chemical that you can use to clean the carpet from cat urine and the unpleasant smell. You can use this chemical alongside the dishwasher soap, or you can also use it with baking soda.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another common homemade ingredient that you can use to remove the cat urine and the odor from your carpet. Often, it is already available in your kitchen, and you can just grab it and use the powder to help clean the mess on your carpet.

You can use baking soda alone to perform this cleaning procedure, or you can use it along with the vinegar to get the best result.

To use the vinegar, you can pour some vinegar on the areas where you can find the cat urine stain and smell and then wait for some time until the areas become damp enough.

After that, you can spread the baking soda on top of the vinegar and let it sit there for 30 minutes to 1 hour. After about 30 minutes to 1 hour, you can vacuum the baking soda to clean the smelly areas on the carpet.

You can also use baking soda without the vinegar. For this method, you just need to pour some water on the cat urine areas to make them damp and spread the baking soda right away on the areas.

Then wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you vacuum the baking soda out of the carpet to clean it. This method is effective to clean all the unpleasant smells from the cat’s urine.

Baking Soda Tips:

  • With baking soda, you don’t need to brush the carpet when you clean the cat’s urine from it. You only need to sprinkle the baking soda on the stained areas and wait for a period before removing the baking soda from the carpet.
  • Baking soda has a natural substance that can help absorb the cat urine and stain from the carpet, and it can also deodorize the carpet. Thus, when you use baking soda, you can also clear the cat urine smell from the carpet with it.
  • Baking soda can work with various other cleaning solutions, such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and many others. Using it along with the other cleaning solutions means you can get a better result when you clean the carpet.
  • You can remove the baking soda using the regular vacuum cleaner, or you can remove it with the mini shovel. Make sure that the stain and the smell on the carpet are no longer there when you remove the baking soda. Otherwise, you might need to repeat the process one or two more times.
  • It is better for you to let the baking soda sit on the carpet for a longer time, such as overnight, to ensure that it can absorb most of the stains from the carpet. By letting it sit overnight on the carpet before removing it, you can ensure that the baking soda will remove all traces of stain from the cat urine and the associated smell.
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This is one of the most common cleaning solutions you can use as soon as possible to clean the cat urine and the smell from the carpet. You can use it with no mixture by just sprinkling it on the stained area, or you can mix it with other natural ingredients to add more cleaning power to your carpet if the stain is difficult to remove.

  1. Odor Absorber/Remover Products

There are also commercial products designed to absorb or remove odor. For instance, the odor remover products for cars.

You can purchase one of the odor absorber products from the nearest department store in your local area or from online retailers like Amazon or BestBuy. With this product, you can remove the smell of cat urine from your carpet.

However, what you need to do before you apply this product is to blot out the cat urine from the carpet and remove the stain by using water.

Then, with paper tissues, you can absorb the water over and over until the stain disappears from the carpet. To remove the remaining smell, you can spray the odor absorber product on the carpet to clean the smell out of it.

Odor Absorber Tips:

  • Odor absorber products often have a delightful smell, which can help restore the freshness of the carpet after it got peed by your cat. It also has the cleansing ingredients that help to remove the cat urine stain from the carpet when you use it in repeat.
  • You need to blot out the cat urine first before you use the absorber product. Perform this procedure repeat until the cat urine is no longer wetting the carpet and leaves only the stain from the urine on the carpet. Don’t use the absorber product while the carpet is still wet from the cat urine.
  • Choose the absorber product that has the best reviews from the users, as there are also many products that are not recommended for you to use. When you see negative feedback about the absorber product, try to find the different one that has better reviews overall.
  • The absorber product will function as the substance you can use to wet the stain again, which you can then blot with the paper tissues. You need to do this procedure repeat until the stain disappears from the carpet.
  • If you can still smell the mixed odor from the absorber product and the odor from the cat urine, it means that you still need to blot out the stain from the carpet. Until you clean the stain, the odor will still linger on your carpet, and it might not be ideal for you.

You can also use some water to help clean the stains from the carpet while you apply the absorber product to it. The water will help you clean the stain and odor from the carpet while neutralizing the lingering urine on the carpet.


These are some easy methods you can follow to clean the cat urine smell from the carpet. Cat urine smell can be very annoying and unpleasant, and unless you do something fast to remove it from the carpet, the smell will only get worse.

Your family members might not feel at ease when they find out that the carpet is smelling so bad.

So, you can use these easy cleaning methods to remove the cat urine stain and smell from the carpet as soon as possible. It often takes only a few hours for the smell to disappear once you apply the methods explained here.

Remember, your situation might differ from the other people, so you might need to get creative when you clean your carpet with these methods.

Sometimes, you need to mix one ingredient with the others to get the best result from your cleaning procedure, if you think that the method you use is not too effective in cleaning the urine stains from the carpet. Happy cleaning!