Top 15 Best Mops for Vinyl Plank Floors Reviews in 2021!

Vinyl wood plank floors aren’t like any other when it comes to cleaning. They require manufacturer-approved mop cleaners and there are many out there in the market if you’re looking for one. But what are some of the best mop for vinyl plank floors to consider this year?

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Our Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors – Quick Rankings

Microfiber Mop Cleaning System
  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 4 x 17 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Handle Length: 60″
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Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set
  • Product Dimensions: 8.98 x 7.4 x 15.35
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 3.74 pounds
  • Handle Length: 51.5″
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MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop
  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 15.7 x 5 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber mop, Cloth
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Handle Length: 60″
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TETHYS Multi-Flat Floor Mop/Bucket Set
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 8.75 x 7.5 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 1.95 ounces
  • Handle Length: 51″
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O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop
  • Product Dimensions:54.5 x 0.5 x 4.4 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
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18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop
  • Product Dimensions:41.2 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 4.65 pounds
  • Handle Length: 70″
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BISSELL Power Steam Mop
  • Product Dimensions:11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Cord Length: 23Ft Power Cord
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O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 11.7 x 11.5 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 4.74 pounds
  • Handle Length: 48″
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Bona Stone Premium Mop
  • Product Dimensions: 4.38 x 5.88 x 28.38 inches
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber, Cloth
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • The comfortable secondary grip on Handle
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Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaner
  • Product Dimensions: 4.53 x 18.9 x 6.02 inches
  • Absorb + Lock Strip
  • Weight: 3.23 Pounds
  • Reinforced Handle
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Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors Reviewed

Our Top Pick
Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

1. Microfiber Mop Cleaning System

Key Features

  • 360-degree swivel
  • 2 microfiber mops
  • Ergonomic handle with dry and wet mode
  • X-large, machine washable mop system

Microfiber Mop Cleaning System offers the best value for your money. Though this isn’t the reason we decided to start our list with it (the list isn’t in any particular order), there are many reasons why it’s one of the top mops vinyl plank floors.

The mop is a high-quality one, in terms of construction and overall design. It’s a perfect choice for places like dorms, apartments, laundry rooms, etc. The mop includes an x-large, lightweight, aluminum alloy, machine washable, and reusable microfiber pad.

Additionally, it features a lightweight, long, and durable handle that has a dry mode for sweeping and drying and a web mode for scrubbing and mopping. It’s also a multi-surface mop that will handle different types of floors, including wood, laminate, and tile.

The Microfiber Mop Cleaning System features 2 microfiber mops that are washable and reusable up to 100 times. That makes it an eco-friendly mop and more so economical because you won’t need to buy replacement pads often.

It’s very lightweight and comes in a perfect size. Moreover, it has a 360-degree swivel that makes it very maneuverable and offers easy cleaning for hard-to-reach spots. The lightweight design and user-friendly handle as well as easy maneuverability make it a perfect choice for the elderly.

  • Washable, reusable, and durable microfiber pads
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight design
  • Handles all types of floors
  • Economical and eco-friendly microfiber mop
  • Handle seems and fills weak


Microfiber Mop Cleaning System is a wonderful mop system that comes ready to get the job done. It can make the perfect gift for your elderly member of your family thanks to how ergonomically it’s constructed. It’s a money-worth mop for vinyl plank floors and other floorings.

Our Top Pick
Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set

2. Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set

Key Features

  • 3 microfiber pads
  • Multi-surface cleaning ability
  • Multi-purpose mop
  • Patented bucket design

Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set is another excellent mop for vinyl plank floor for the elderly. That’s because it comes with a lightweight and compact design, perfect for absorbing spills, collecting pet hair, dust and dirt.

You can use this mop on all types of floors, windows, and corners, etc. In other words, this is a multi-purpose mop system.

What’s more, the Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set is user-friendly. It comes with a 2-chamber bucket with one side for washing and the other for drying. You’ll wash and place the mop head on the dry chamber so that all excess water is extracted to achieve the desired level of dryness and make mopping as quick and convenient as possible.

The compact and lightweight design of this mop makes it easy to maneuver around the house for a comprehensive cleaning. You can easily disassemble the handle and the mop head so that it fits into the bucket to allow easy storage.

The microfibers are high-quality with high absorbent capacity. They can absorb 7 times their weight, which ensures that cleaning and mopping up any water spills and very fast. The good thing is that you can wash and reuse these pads, which makes them very economical and eco-friendly.

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Suitable for elderly
  • Efficient mopping & drying
  • Easy storage
  • High-absorbent microfiber mops
  • Handle seems weak


Easy Gleam Microfiber Mop/Bucket Set does as promised. It’s designed to deliver high cleaning performance for vinyl and other types of floorings. The mop is lightweight and easy to work with, which makes it a perfect choice for the elderly. It’s an excellent choice for mopping and drying floors.


Our Top Pick
Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

3. MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop

Key Features

  • Adjustable length
  • High-end, durable construction
  • Highly absorbent microfiber pad
  • 360-degree swivel

MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop is a beautiful mop for vinyl plank floor that everyone loves. It’s also a great value for money, durable, eco-friendly, and convenient mop that allows a smooth mopping experience.

The MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop is very absorbent. It comes with five reversible microfiber cloths, which are all machine washable to ensure multiple reuses. It’s a pretty economical and eco-friendly map for every household.

This floor mop is very durable. It’s built to serve for a long time. The mop features a stainless steel handle and aluminum mop frame with high-end ABS plastic. Additionally, it comes with a handing loop that helps with easy storage.

What’s more, MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop is equipped with a 360-degree swivel on its metal mop frame. The frame also has a convenient clip design, excellently sized to make it suitable for both office and home use.

Lastly, this mop includes an adjustable length that offers you long reach so that you can easily clean hard-to-reach spots. It’s also suitable for users of different heights. And the mop pad is washable, reusable, and can be used many times, which saves your pocket and environment.

  • Adjustable length offers a longer reach
  • High-quality construction ensures durability
  • Perfect choice for homes & offices
  • Economical & eco-friendly mop
  • A little costly

MAYSHINE Microfiber Floor Mop offers you the convenience you need to clean your house or office without a hassle. With this mop, you’ll be able to maneuver it to clean corners and other hard-to-reach spots thanks to its adjustable length and 360-degree swivel.

The microfiber pad is washable and reusable. Overall, this mop is durable, economical, and highly effective.


Our Top Pick
TETHYS Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set for Professional Home Floor Cleaning System

4. TETHYS Multi-Flat Floor Mop/Bucket Set

Key Features

  • 280-degree swivel
  • Ergonomically designed bucket
  • 2 high-end microfiber pads
  • Height-adjustable handle

TETHYS Multi-Flat Floor Mop/Bucket Set also comes with a swivel – 280-degree mop head swivel to provide you with great maneuverability and convenience to handle all corners without issues.

The swivel also allows you to clean at any angle you want, which also lets you collect dirt and dust or mop the entire house in as little time as possible. Additionally, it comes with a 2-grooved bucket that lets you wet and dry the mop.

That gives you a lot of conveniences as you don’t need to care about wringing the mop using your hands – you don’t need to get your hands dirty! The mop lets you take out dirt and grime from your floor easily. What’s more, the ergonomic bucket includes 2 holes at the bottom to ensure easy draining.

TETHYS Multi-Flat Floor Mop/Bucket Set features two high-end microfiber pads that allow you clean multiple times because they are machine washable and reusable. These pads are multi-surface cleaners and can handle various types of floors besides vinyl.

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Indeed, you can use this mop on any hard surface, including drywall, bamboo, wood, cement, etc.

Lastly, it’s easy and fast to install this mop system and get down with the cleaning task ahead. You’ll be able to assemble this mop depending on your height, which is also very convenient for users of different heights.

With this mop, you’ll not suffer from back pains anymore. It can make the perfect give for the elderly.

  • Hands-free wringing
  • Easy to maneuver around corners
  • Suitable for users of different heights
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • User-friendly, ideal for elderly
  • Washable and reusable microfiber pads
  • It’s easy for the handle to unscrew


TETHYS Multi-Flat Floor Mop/Bucket Set is also an excellent and one of the top-rated mops for vinyl plank floors. It’s particularly exceptional because it’s designed with the end-user in mind. The mop is very user-friendly with an ergonomically designed bucket and adjustable handle.

Its 280-degree swivel ensures great maneuverability and makes the mop a perfect choice for the elderly.

Our Top Pick
Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

5. O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop

Key Features

  • Double-sided mop head
  • Washable and reusable mop pad
  • Ergonomically designed spray bottle

O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop is one of the highly-rated mops for vinyl plank floors. It’s particularly great for its super-absorbent and effective microfiber pad that uses only water for mopping your floor.

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The mop is also machine-washable and reusable, which is very economical and very friendly to the environment. That also saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend buying replacement pads.

O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop comes with a comfortable handle with an easy control spray feature that easily works without the use of batteries. That’s also another money-saving feature that comes with this mop, which also makes it one of the most economical mops for vinyl plank floors.

The spray bottle is strategically position and designed so that you find it easier to remove and refill it every 3 to 6 months. Additionally, the microfiber pad allows for both wet and dry cleaning. The wet cleaning is good for deep cleaning while the dry is ideal for collecting debris, dust, pet hairs, and other undesirables.

What’s more, this mop stands out because it comes with a dual-sided mop that lets you clean floors very fast without requiring changing the pad. The pad is high-quality and ready to absorb unlimited dust particles with a single sweep.

  • User-friendly
  • Lasting microfiber pad
  • The easy control spray feature
  • Economical and eco-friendly pad
  • It may disconnect from its base severally


O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop is another mop that you’ll be happy to invest in. It enables a convenient cleaning experience and delivers the best results. The mop is durable, user-friendly, and very effective and cleaning vinyl plank floors. You should invest in it and enjoy the convenience.


Our Top Pick
18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop

6. 18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop

Key Features

  • Adjustable handle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 2 extra microfiber pads

When you want an easy and economical way of cleaning your vinyl plank floor, then you go for an 18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop. This mop has many features and capabilities that make it a standout in the market.

The mop comes with an adjustable handle that makes it suitable for any user regardless of their height. The handle is also very effective for hard-to-reach spots. It simply locks in place after adjusting to your most favorable position and tightens to allow you to clean comfortably.

With this mop, you’ll be able to collect dust, pet hair, and other undesirables with one easy mop. It cleans perfectly not just on vinyl but also any other hard floor such as tile concrete, hardwood, etc. And, you don’t need a mop bucket with this mop.

Moreover, 18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop is constructed to ensure sturdiness and durability. It features a stainless steel handle and heavy-duty frame that helps the mop to withstand the pressures of daily use.

The mop comes with two additional microfiber pads that are highly absorbent that will help to clean around the house. They are machine washable and reusable.

  • Suitable for users of different heights
  • Machine-washable and reusable pads
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to adjust the handle
  • The mop is pricy

Although some previous buyers felt that the 18-inch Pro Microfiber Mop is highly-priced, we still think that it disserves the money. It’s a well-constructed mop that’s very versatile. The microfiber pad used is high-quality, with great absorbent power.

The pad is also machine-washable and can be reused several times. Overall, this mop is effective and money-worth.

Our Top Pick
Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

7. BISSELL Power Steam Mop

Key Features

  • 1500 watts power
  • Microfiber pads
  • Carpet glider
  • Spring breeze scent/fragrance discs
  • 23 feet power cord

BISSELL Power Steam Mop gives you something different from what other offer. This mop is both a cleaner and disinfector. It uses the power of steam to disinfect floors and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and pathogens.

With this steamer, you’ll easily clean and enjoy leaving in a clean environment. It’s formulated to allow easy scrubbing of the floor as well as crevices and grout. Since it’s an electrically powered mop, it comes with a 23 feet power cord that allows you great freedom to mop without distance limitation.

It takes only a few seconds for the mop to get heated and ready for the task. BISSELL Power Steam Mop is a powerful cleaner that takes down stubborn and sticky messes leaving you with a clean and fresh floor. You can easily adjust the steam depending on the cleaning needs from high to medium and low on the smart digital control.

Includes: (1) microfiber soft pad, (1) microfiber scrubby pad, (2) spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. Power rating: 1500 watts

  • Cleans and sanitizes floors
  • Eliminates dust, dirt, and stubborn stains
  • Gets rid of 99.9% of germs
  • Handles multiple surfaces
  • Inconsistent steam settings


BISSELL Power Steam Mop is one of the top-rated mops for vinyl plank floor. This high-end mop uses steam to clean and disinfect floors. It utilizes electricity to get the water to heat up and provide the steam needed for cleaning. It can be an excellent choice for you if you want to not just mop but also disinfect around.


Our Top Pick
O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber

8. O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber

Key Features

  • Telescopic handle
  • Splash guard
  • Machine-washable, reusable mop head
  • Deep-cleaning microfiber
  • 360-degree mop head swivel
  • Wet & dry cleaning

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber is a great spin mop. It’s highly equipped with features that make your cleaning experience a breeze. The mop is also a perfect choice for deep cleaning and absorbing stubborn dirt.

It comes with a high-end foot pedal design that activates spin wringing, which allows you to control the level of moisture. Additionally, the mop has a Splash Guard that ensures all the spray and splash are maintained inside the bucket while wringing.

It’s also simple to maneuver the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber when you need to clean corners and other hard-to-access areas. It’s equipped with a 360-degree swivel that ensures easy rotation of the mop head so that you can clean under furniture easily.

Lastly, this mop comes with a telescopic handle that makes it easy for users of different heights to utilize it without having to bend their backs. The ergonomic handle also facilitates easy cleaning of hard-to-reach spots by providing a longer reach.

  • Simple to maneuver into corners
  • Easy to spin
  • Suitable, safe for all floors
  • Quality foot pedal construction
  • Deep cleaning microfiber pad
  • The mop isn’t durable


O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Microfiber is also a money-worth product that will do a great job when it comes to cleaning your vinyl floor.

Some of its amazing features like the telescopic handle, 360-swivel mob head, and deep cleaning machine-washable microfiber pad make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy and effective way of cleaning their house or office.

Our Top Pick

Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

9. Bona Stone Premium Mop

Key Features

  • Lightweight & durable design
  • Retractable hook
  • X-large mop head
  • Washable microfiber pad

Bona Stone Premium Mop is another exceptional multi-surface mop. It’s not just designed for vinyl plank floors but other floors as well. This mop handles vinyl, stone, sealed marble, ceramic tiles, laminate, etc.

What’s makes this mop a standout is its x-large mop head that makes it 40 percent faster compared to many leading mops for vinyl plank floors. That means you take less time to clean a large area than you would with another mop.

This mop also comes with a conveniently refillable cartridge. It also features a washable microfiber pad, which means that it’s an economical and eco-friendly mop that every home will love to have.

Additionally, Bona Stone Premium Mop is a lightweight and durable unit with a high-quality grip for comfortable holding. It also includes a retractable hook that enables you to store it easily.

  • Easy and comfortable handle
  • Reusable, eco-friendly microfiber pad
  • X-large mop head means faster cleaning
  • Handles multiple floors
  • Reported cases of ineffective spray


Bona Stone Premium Mop is a perfect choice for you if you love something that gets the work done fast. It’s a standout because it comes with an x-large mop head that allows you to complete your cleaning task 40 percent faster than with any other top-rated vinyl plank floor mop.

Additionally, the machine washable and reusable microfiber pad, means that it’s economical and eco-friendly – Go green even in your cleaning!


Our Top Pick

10. Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaner

Key Features

  • Multi-surface cleaning ability
  • High-end mop pad refills
  • A bottle full of cleaning solution
  • Spray mob
  • Four batteries
  • Absorb & lock strip

Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaner is outstandingly designed to deliver a powerful clean on your vinyl plank floor. This mop is also a cleaner of other types of floors, including laminate and tiles.

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It comes with a starter kit that includes everything you need for a professional clean.

The kit includes a spray mop and six high-end mopping pad refills. It also has four original mop pad refills, four batteries, and a bottle of cleaning solution. With all these, you’re sure to enjoy an easy and smooth cleaning experience.

The Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaner is safe to use on any finished wood floor. However, it’s not good for unfinished, waxed, or oiled wooden boards carpeted floors or non-sealed tiles. That because such kinds of floors may not be water-safe.

What’s more, this mop features an absorb & lock strip that helps in trapping grime and dirt deep into the pad to ensure it doesn’t end up being pushed around. It’s an excellent mop that any household will love.


  • Delivers a powerful clean
  • Cleans multiple floors
  • Every need in a starter kit
  • Suitable for all sealed floors


  • Only uses cleaning solution of the manufacturer


Swiffer WetJet Mop Cleaner is designed to deliver a perfectly clean and leave your home looking and feeling fresh. It comes with a kit containing all the tools you need to enjoy a great cleaning experience. The mop will work well on vinyl and other types of sealed floors.

The only problem is that it’s recommended that you use the manufacturer’s cleaner solution instead of mixing your own.

Our Top Pick
Aootek Upgraded 360 Spin Mop/Bucket Set

11. Aootek Upgraded 360 Spin Mop/Bucket Set

Key Features

  • High-end microfiber mop head
  • Dual-spout bucket
  • Unique centrifugal spinning design
  • Self-wringing system


Aootek Upgraded 360 Spin Mop/Bucket Set is the mop for you if you need something that can help you save time while spending little effort in your cleaning.

It’s a self-wringing cleaning system that lets you spin off any excess water with just one move. You only need to push the handle upon the bucket and you’re ready to go!

This spin mob comes with a stainless steel dry bucket, which guarantees durability. The handle, as well, is made of stainless steel, which also means that it’s very durable. The mop head is exceptional as it wrings twice as dry compared to food pedal models. The bucket is sturdy and lightweight and makes it easier to work with.

Additionally, the bucket comes with a dual-spot and unique centrifugal spinning model that helps in cleaning and drying the mop head conveniently – you don’t have to dirty your hands. The superior microfiber mop head delivers better results than most cotton ones out there.

This mop dries the floor almost immediately leaving no streaks. And the good thing is that the mop head is machine washable, reusable, and can serve up to 12 months. You can also use this mop when dry to pick up dust and hair on the floor.

  • Stainless steel, durable construction
  • Easy cleaning & drying of a mop head
  • Sturdy & lasting handle
  • Machine washable, reusable mop head
  • Handle cold be longer


Aootek Upgraded 360 Spin Mop/Bucket Set is a high-end mop for vinyl plank floor. It’s designed with convenience and durability in mind. Speaking of durability, the handle and the bucket are made of stainless steel, which guarantees durability.

This mop is a great value for money and suitable for every household. The only drawback is that the handle is a bit short and may not be suitable for a long user.

Our Top Pick
Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

12. Eyliden Microfiber Dust Mop

Key Features

  • Patented snap design
  • Hang-up hole
  • Washable & reusable mop head
  • High-end microfiber pad


Eyliden Microfiber Dust Mop is a multi-surface mop that cleans many types of surfaces, including vinyl and other surfaces in a kitchen, bathroom, warehouses, etc

It’s a perfect choice for a home that has multiple floorings. This mop can be used in offices, restaurants, and other places with vinyl floors, marble, tiles, and hardwood floors.

The mop is simple multi-purpose.

The Eyliden Microfiber Dust Mop comes with a unique design that allows you to easily clean angles and collect all sorts of undesirables, including pet hair, dirt, and dust. The mop can also be used for dry and web cleaning.

What’s more, it comes with a patented handle that has a wet mode for scrubbing and mopping tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and wood and dry mode for dusting and sweeping the floors. The mop pads and washable and reusable, which means that it’s very economical.

The machine includes two microfiber pads that you can wash and reuse. They are soft and highly water-absorbing, durable, and can meet all your cleaning needs. Additionally, it’s easy to remove the mob head whenever you need to clean it.

Lastly, this mop has an extendable pole. That means it can be ideal for people of different heights or offer long reach to easily clean those hard-to-reach areas, especially corners. It’s easy to store this mop with a hang-up hole available on the handle.

  • Handles multiple surfaces
  • Soft, very absorbent, and durable mop
  • Suitable for dry & wet cleaning
  • Easy storage
  • Mop head doesn’t have a swivel feature


Eyliden Microfiber Dust Mop will help you get the job done. It’s an economical mop that takes on all types of surfaces. The mop head is washable and reusable, which means it is eco-friendly and cost-effective – economical. Some previous buyer’s wished that it has a 360-degree swivel.

Our Top Pick

13. POPTEN Microfiber Mop

Key Features

  • 360-degree swivel
  • 640ML refillable water tank
  • Four bonus replacement pads
  • Ergonomically designed handle


POPTEN Microfiber Mop comes with four reusable and washable microfiber mop pads. This is a spray mop that allows you to simply push a trigger on the handle and turn water into mist and distribute it evenly for an efficient cleaning experience.

This mop is a water saver, very economical, and eco-friendly. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easier for you clean while still taking care of your floor. The reusable microfiber pads are suitable for all types of floors, including hardwood, ceramic tiles, laminate, etc.

Its handle is very comfortable to work with. With this spray mop, your floor cleaning is made easier.

The mop head comes with a 360-degree swivel, which gives you a stress-free cleaning experience. With this feature, you can easily maneuver the head to reach every area and corner of your home. Additionally, it also features a responsive spray head that lets you spray just a little liquid as you need it.

It’s a time-efficient, convenient, and very effective cleaner.

What’s more, POPTEN Microfiber Mop includes a 640 ML water tank that lets you use any cleaning solution of your choice. Lastly, it comes with four bonus replacement pads so that you can replace them whenever you need to. These pads are highly water-absorbing and reusable.

  • User-friendly, effective mop
  • Cleans multiple floorings
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Highly water-absorbing pads
  • Pads are washable and reusable
  • The handle could be longer


POPTEN Microfiber Mop is all about economical, ergonomic, and efficiency. The handle of this mop, though a bit short for the long user, is easy and comfortable to work thanks to its ergonomic design.

Additionally, the 360-degree swivel comes in handy as it allows great maneuverability and convenient cleaning of corners and hard-to-reach spots. This is a money-disserving unit suitable for every household.

Our Top Pick

14. GOBOT Cordless E-Mop

Key Features

  • Powerful motor
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight design
  • Extendable handle


GOBOT Cordless E-Mop is one of the top-rated mops for vinyl plank floors. It’s an exceptional spin mop that comes with a powerful motor that attains 200 revolutions per minute.

It’s also a lightweight machine that will give you an easy time when working with it.

Another outstanding feature of this mop is that it’s cordless, which means that it’s very versatile and you can clean from one room to another without being restricted by a cord. It comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that can go up to 40 minutes with a single charge that takes about 3.5 hours.

The GOBOT Cordless E-Mop is a versatile mop that’s not designed for vinyl but other floorings as well. You can also use this on marble, tiles, and other surfaces like glass doors and windows. It’s a perfect cleaner of dust, spills, pet hair, and all sorts of undesirables.

As mentioned, this mop is super lightweight and can be used by virtually anyone, including the senior members. It’s designed to ensure that it’s easy for them to move about while cleaning so that they can avoid back pain.

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for people of different heights
  • Versatile – multi-surface cleaning ability
  • Eliminates tough stains
  • Doesn’t perform well on tiled floorings


GOBOT Cordless E-Mop is another exceptional mop for vinyl floorings. You can use this mop on other surfaces to remove stains and all kinds of dirt. This spin microfiber mop works perfectly on most floors and gives you the results you need without a hassle.

Its powerful battery allows up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning with a single full charge. This is a convenient mop and suitable for any homeowner.

Our Top Pick
LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop

15. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop

Key Features

  • 1150 watts steamer
  • 20 feet power cord
  • Easy to maneuver mop head
  • Reusable multi-layered microfiber pad

Last but not least, we look at the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop. This is a steam mop that will give you something different than most of the above-mentioned mop cleaners.

With this mop, you’ll clean and disinfect the floor to get rid of not just dirt and dust but also germs, bacteria, pathogens, etc. that may be on your flooring.

The mop is very lightweight. That ensures that you experience an easy and enjoyable cleaning experience. It also has a manual pump so that you can control the release of steam depending on the needs of the floor finishes.

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop is a perfect solution for your problem, especially if you have been using heavy buckets and messy mops. This mop is a cleverly designed and reusable multi-layered microfiber pad that delivers outstanding absorption, optimum friction, and steam permeation to extract tough stains easily.

What’s more, the mop is an exceptional carpet slider that helps eliminate odor. It comes with an easy to maneuver mop head and 20 feet long power cable to give you the freedom you need to cover a large area without unplugging.

It’s a high-quality mop that’s not only meant for vinyl flooring but also other hardwood floors like laminate, tiles, and even carpet floorings.

  • Cleans and sanitizes floors
  • Eliminates stubborn stains
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Provides robust natural steam in 20 seconds
  • Multi-floor cleaning ability
  • Doesn’t come with any extra pad for replacement


LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop is an exceptional mop that will get the job done and leave your house free of dust, dirt, and pathogens. This unique mop is very versatile. It will take on all types of floors, including carpets.

The mop can be a perfect choice if you have an area rug over your vinyl plank floor because you’ll be using it to clean the floor and the rug as well.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider before Buying

As mentioned, the market has so many mops for vinyl plank floors from different manufacturers. Unfortunately, they are all different in terms of quality. For that, you must choose the right mop that matches your needs and pocket.

There are various factors to put into account when looking for the top-rated mop for vinyl plank floors to ensure you take home the most appropriate one. We researched and listed some of the most important for you below:

  • Machine washable microfiber pad
  • Handle
  • Maneuverability
  • The Type
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Storage
  • Multi-purpose
  • Extra Microfiber Pads
  1. Machine Washable Microfiber Pad

Most of the best mops for vinyl plank floors utilize microfiber pads for mopping. These pads are high-quality with high absorbency. While most are machine washable and reusable, not all of them are made with this concept in mind.

For that reason, you must ensure that the mop you’re buying can be washed by machine and reused severally if you’re looking to save money. It can be very uneconomical if you have to buy replacement microfiber pads now and then. That can also be harmful to the environment and you don’t want that to happen.

2. The Handle

The handle of the mop you’re about to buy determines how comfortable your mopping will be. You must ensure, therefore, that the handle is well constructed using materials that won’t damage your hands in the long run. Though most handles are made with comfortability in mind, the material used to make them really determines their durability.

Some of the mops may come with an aluminum handle that breaks very easily and once it does, that calls for replacement. The top-rated mop for the vinyl plank floor comes with a stainless steel handle that can withstand the pressure of everyday mopping.

What’s more, you also need to pay attention to the length of the handle. A too-short handle means that you’ll need to bend while cleaning, which can end up causing back pain. A too-long handle, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable for a short user.

Some of the best mops for vinyl plank floors come with a telescopic or adjustable handle that allows you to set the height depending on your needs.

  1. Maneuverability

You need an easy to maneuver mop if you’re going to clean all corners of your house without struggling. Some areas like under furniture and corners require you to have a flexible mop that can be easily maneuvered around every obstacle.

Some of the top-rated mops for vinyl plank floor come with a 360-degree or 280-degree swivel on the mop head. That allows you to navigate to every corner of the house while collecting dust, pet hair, and other undesirables to ensure a clean environment.

The nature of the handle also contributes to how well maneuverable your mop is. A telescopic handle for example allows you to easily clean around the house by helping to extend and reach areas that aren’t easily reached.

  1. The Type

You may consider going for a steam cleaner if you want something that can clean and disinfect the entire house. A steam cleaner is particularly useful when it comes to stubborn stains and sticky messes on the floors.

Alternatively, you can purchase the common mop with a bucket that allows you to dry and wet clean. The dry cleaning mode helps to absorb all the moisture, dust, and dirt while the wet mode will help with deep cleaning the floor.

You can also choose a spray mop that comes with a water or detergent tank integrated on the handle and allows you to release a mist of the solution or water on the floor and mop it using the
microfiber mop. All these models are effective and the one you choose will depend on your taste and cleaning needs.

  1. Lightweight Design

Different mops come with varying weights and purchasing a lightweight mop is helpful to ensure you have a smooth and effortless cleaning experience. A lightweight design also is helpful especially for the elderly as one doesn’t need to struggle to lift or move the mop and the bucket around the floor for the cleaning.

Additionally, a lightweight mop will also be very easy for you to maneuver around tight spaces.

  1. Easy Storage

Many households don’t have a lot of space to store things, especially if it’s bulky. When purchasing the best mop for the vinyl plank floor, you need to ensure that it’s easy to store. Some of these mops come with ergonomic designs that allow easy storage.

They may also come with special features like a hand-up hole on the handle so that you can hang it, someone, strategically that will ensure even easy access. Others are formulated so that they also dismantle into smaller pieces when you want to store them. You need to consider all these before you commit to a particular mop.

  1. Multi-purpose

Though you’re on the market for the top-rated mop for vinyl plank floor, it would help if the one you buy can clean other surfaces around your home as well. For instance, if you purchase a steam mop, you’ll be able to handle even area rugs, carpets, and other surfaces like the windows.

What’s more, you wouldn’t dislike a mop that’s multi-surface cleaner; that is; you can use it to clean vinyl floors, wood floors, ceramic tiles, cement, etc. That’s would make it very economical for you as you would have one mop handling various floor surfaces.

  1. Extra Microfiber Pads

The top-quality mop for the vinyl plank floor will come with extra or at least two more microfiber pads for replacement. Though most microfiber pads are machine-washable and reusable, some mop will require you to change the pad after a few uses.

If you don’t have an extra pad to change, it will mean that you have to buy, which can be an added cost and very uneconomical. Therefore, always check and ensure that the mop you’re planning to buy comes with a few extra pads, in case you need to replace one.

  1. Other factors

If a mop is powered by electricity, for instance in the case of an electric steamer, it’s good that you make sure that it comes with a long enough cord. A short one can be very limiting as you’ll have to unplug severally before you can mob an entire room.

Another factor you should consider is the size of the microfiber pad. Some mops come with extra-large pads that allow you to clean easily and quickly. Lastly, pay attention to the overall user-friendliness of the mop before you buy.

Final Thought

It’s not difficult to find the best mop for vinyl plank floors after reading our review of the 15 top-rated mops for vinyl plank floors and buying guide. Hopefully, you have found one from the list and you’re about to buy it. Just hit the link below and make your order.


Is it safe to mop a vinyl plank floor?

Vinyl plank floor is durable and can safely be mopped using an industry-standard mop. You can use any pH-neutral cleaner on your vinyl flooring. The mop shouldn’t spread dust, dirt, or hair throughout the room.

You must avoid ammonia-based cleaner solutions, detergents, or very abrasive scrubbers when getting rid of stains from the vinyl plank floor.

What should I not use while cleaning vinyl plank floors?

You shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners, detergents, or any other “harsh” products since they can end up staining the floor. Also, don’t use solvent-based polishes or paste wax, ammonia-based cleaner solutions on vinyl floors. All these are harmful to the material and can cause cracking in the floor.

Can I put an area rug on the vinyl plank floor?

Yes. You can put an area rug on the vinyl plank floor. However, you have to be careful regarding the sort of backing your rug has and the rug’s material itself. Rugs made of natural materials like wool or cotton are safe for vinyl floorings.

What’s the best mop to use on the vinyl plank floor?

Best steam mop: BISSELL Power Steam Mop. Best microfiber mop: POPTEN Microfiber Mop. Best mop overall: O-Cedar Pro Mist Mop.