Top 12 Quietest Shop Vacs – Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

There are plenty of shop vacuum models to choose from in 2021, and if you don’t mind the noise, you can use almost any shop vacuum from any brand as long as it offers excellent features and a warranty. However, we are talking about the quiet shop vacs, meaning the shop vacuums that don’t produce loud noises when you use them.

So, when choosing the quietest shop vacs to buy, you need to pay attention to the noise level they produce along with the suction power they can generate. These two aspects are important because you don’t want to have a quiet shop vac with low suction power and vice versa.

Quietest Shop Vac – Quick Ranking


Dust Extractor CT 26 E HEPA CLEANTEC -

Festool Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 26 E HEPA

  • Dimension: 25″ x 14″ x 22″ (630 x 365 x 540 mm)
  • Weight: 30.64 lbs
  • Power Cable length: 25 ft
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Makita VC4210L

  • Dimension: 15.75 x 31.5 x 28.74 inches
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Power Cable length: 24.6″
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5-Gallon* 5 Peak HP† Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Vacmaster VWM510

  • Dimension: 18.5 x 15.4 x 20.7 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 20 ft
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Craftsman CMXEVBE17595

  • Dimension: 21.03 x 23.8 x 26.7 inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 20 ft
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  • Dimension: 18 x 23 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.2 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 10 ft
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  • Weight: 29.7 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 25 ft
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Product, Vacuum cleaners, Industrial vacuum cleaners, Single-phase wet and dry, Nilfisk, AERO 26-21 PC 110V/50-60HZ GB

Nilfisk AERO 26-21

  • Dimension: 16 x 16 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Power Cable length: 7.5 m
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Shop-Vac SVX2 Stainless Steel

  • Dimension: 18.25 x 16.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 18 ft
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Vacmaster VF408

  • Dimension: 17.1 x 13.2 x 17.3 inches
  • Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 18 ft
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14 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac


  • Dimension: 22.5 x 26 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Power Cable length: 20 ft
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12 Quiet Shop Vacs to Buy in 2021

Here are the best choices of quiet shop vacs to buy in 2021:


Festool Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 26 E HEPA

1. Festool Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 26 E HEPA

Key Features

  • Automatic start via the Bluetooth® battery pack
  • Container/filter bag capacity 26/24 l
  • Self Clean filter bag
  • SYS-Doc with T-Lock function

Festool Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CT 26 E HEPA provides you with the powerful suction that allows you to clean all debris around the workshop and job site areas. The large 26 gallons of the container allows you to extract plenty of dust and debris before you can empty the tank and re-use it for another cleaning session.

The product comes with the HEPA filter bag, cable holder, SELFCLEAN filter bag, SYS-Doc with T-Lock function, smooth suction hose, and the hose holder.

This dust extraction tool comes with the HEPA filtering technology, which is the recommended filtering technology for vacuum cleaners for a better cleaning result. This filtering technology is available both for regular vacuum cleaners and shop vacs, and when you want to pick a good vacuum cleaner product or a shop vac, it’s better for you to pick the one that has the HEPA filtering technology embedded into the system.

Another feature you can find in this tool is the Bluetooth connection availability to operate the tool. By using the Bluetooth connection, you can operate the tool from a distance, allowing you to use the tool with convenience. The maximum volume flow for this tool is 138 CFM, and it has the maximum vacuum of 96-in static water lift. You can also reach more area with the long power cable and long hose to accommodate the movements of the shop vac.

The hose uses the smooth suction hose type that ensures the quiet operation of the machine. You can also turn the machine from low to high settings, depending on the suction power you want to use and the amounts of debris and dust you want to extract in your workshop. The lower the settings, the quieter the machine.

Overall, the machine can produce a noise level of around 70 dB in normal use, so you don’t need to worry about making a loud noise when you use it around your workshop. You can also lower the noise level by lowering the suction power via the settings. Various accessories are available for this dust extractor model from Festool, so you can enhance the features of the machine by adding new accessories for it. Optional accessories include Bluetooth remote control, compact cleaning set, long-life filter bag, universal cleaning set, and more.

 Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide

2. Makita VC4210L

Key Features

  • The noise level is just around 60 dB
  • It has a 3-stage filtration system
  • 148 CFM suction power

Makita VC4210L is the product replacement or improvement for the discontinued VC4710 model. The VC4210L model provides better features than the VC4710 model while retaining its important features like the compact size, big suction power, and quietness.

It’s a good shop vac to choose from if you want to have compact equipment that can provide high suction power to clean the mess around your workshop or job site while creating no noise pollution.

This machine has the HEPA filter system with 11 compact gallon size for a better cleaning experience. The noise level is just around 60 dB, which is quiet enough for a shop vac. With the quiet noise, you can still use the high suction power to clean all the debris and dust around your workshop with up to 148 CFM suction power.

Makita VC4210L has a 3-stage filtration system to ensure that all dust and debris can go into the canister without damaging the filtration system on the way. Only the hard debris and dust will get into the container, while the smoother or lighter dust will get filtered and captured with the HEPA filtration system on the machine. This gives you the highest efficiency in the cleaning process, allowing you to clean almost 100% dust or debris particles around the workshop or job site.

This equipment also has the auto start and stop wireless function, making it easy for you to start and stop the movements of the machine with convenience. You can use it both for dry and wet cleaning procedures, allowing you to switch between the dry and wet settings with ease. Thus, you can perform various cleaning tasks with this compact machine, whether you want to clean some sawdust and debris or some liquid materials around the workshop.

You will get some accessories with your purchase of this equipment, which include a plastic disposal bag, flat filter, HEPA filter, the hose cuff adapter, quick connect adapter, and more. Also, with the compact size, you can transport this equipment with more ease in case you want to use it in different places.

Vacmaster VWM510

3. Vacmaster VWM510

Key Features

  • 5-gallon tank
  • 41 feet power cord
  • Remote Control On/Off Switch
  • Easily Converts to Blower

Vacmaster VWM510 provides the small size shop vac that you can operate at a low noise level while retaining the suction power capable of cleaning your garage or workshop.

It’s the perfect shop vac to use if you long for portability, as many shop vacs on the market today have a bulky design, and they are not too good for portable use. However, the Vacmaster VWM510 gives you the power and portability that you need to clean the whole garage or workshop.

The small 5-gallon tank size allows you to clean enough dirty particles around the shop before you empty it, and the 75 CFM suction can handle most debris, dust, and dirt particles and clean them. It also comes with a two-stage motor system, allowing you to choose the low or high motor power for operation. Choose the low-power option for a quieter operation and choose the high-power option for a more powerful operation.

Another feature to look for is the long power cord and a long hose that allows you to reach the difficult-to-reach places without having to change the power outlet. With the long power cord and long hose, it’s very easy to reach almost all your workshop or garage area with only using one power outlet. The power cord and the hose length will give you a total of 41 feet (12 meters) reach for your cleaning activities.

The Vacmaster VWM510 also has a lever that you can use to change between the non-portable and portable operation for this machine. You just need to remove the lever to turn this equipment into a portable shop vac. Also, you can convert the tool to become a blower, which you can use around the outdoor areas of your shop or garage. It also has an air and noise diffuser that allows you to suppress the noise level from this shop vac further, for an even quieter operation.

It offers a 2-year limited warranty for the tool, and you will get various accessories in your purchase. The accessories include a standard hose, flexible hose, car nozzle, remote control handle, crevice tool, tool caddy, and others.

Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide

4. Craftsman CMXEVBE17595

Key Features

  • HEAVY-DUTY: Powerful 6.5 peak HP

Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 is a heavy-duty shop vac that can give you high suction power to clean various types of dust and other particles in the garage, shop, or job site.

It has a large 16-gallon tank size that allows you to suck all the dry and wet particles into the tank without having to worry about emptying the tank often. Also, the tank has a big drain system that allows you to empty the liquid waste from the tank fast.

Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 also has various features that allow cleaning up the garage or workshop a simple task to do. It can produce 6.5 peak HP from its motor, meaning that this shop vac is well-equipped for big cleaning tasks around the job site or garage, such as cleaning up the various particles that are difficult to clean. For the wet vacuum function, you can use this tool to clean the liquid from flood or water damage with ease. Combined with the big drain system, you can use this tool to clean any liquid around the garage or workshop faster.

The rear built-in blower port can also provide you with the blower function, which is useful for you to get rid of the leaves and grass clippings around the job site area. It’s very easy for you to switch between the wet and dry system on this vacuum equipment, and you can also have full control of the low and high settings for the suction power. Thus, you can also control the quietness of this equipment while you use it.

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With Craftsman CMXEVBE17595, you will get various accessories included in your purchase. These accessories include extension wands, car nozzle, general-purpose filter, dual-flex hose, utility nozzle, wet nozzle, and dust collection bag. The hose length is 7 feet, while the length of the power cord is 12 feet. So, you can use this equipment to reach more areas around the garage or workshop. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the hose equipment has dual-flex technology, which is the technology that can prevent kinking when you use the hose, providing you with up to 180-degree mobility at each end.



Key Features

  • QUIET 2-stage motor
  • 5.5 horsepower
  • 10-ft power cord

DEWALT DXV10P is a 10-gallon shop vac ideal for job sites or workshops that require heavy-duty cleanups. With this machine, you can get up to 5.5 horsepower for its motor, meaning that it can perform the cleaning jobs that are suitable for most cleaning applications.

You can use this machine for both wet and dry cleaning, and you can drain the tank from the wet materials with ease using the big drain system on the tank. The feature that makes this machine a good quiet shop vac to use is the 2-stage quiet motor that allows you to control the use of the machine both for heavy-duty and quiet operations. With the 2-stage motor system, the noise level of this machine stays as low as possible when you operate it, both for dry and wet vacuum operations. Also, with the quiet operations of this machine, it can have a 2 times longer life span for you to use.

DEWALT DXV10P also has a handle you can use to transport it between different workshops or job sites. Also, you can use the big on/off switch with the water-resistant design to give you better control of the machine operations. This machine also comes with a 10-ft power cord along with the 7-ft vacuum hose to give you the manoeuvrability you need when you perform the cleaning jobs with it.

With your purchase, you can get various accessories such as extension wands, reusable cartridge filter, various nozzles, accessory storage bag, and disposable filter bag. You can use these accessories to ease you more in the cleaning operations. It uses a cartridge filter you can wash and reuse again from time to time, so you don’t need to worry about having to replace the filtering system of this equipment often.

Aside from those features, you can also use the machine as a blower with the built-in blower port, and you can also reach various parts of the garage or job site areas by equipping various nozzles compatible with the machine, which are included with your purchase.

Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide


Key Features

  • Fully automatic filter cleaning
  • Autostart outlet
  • Automatic on/off

It has a 25-ft power cable with a 14-ft suction hose to maximize the area reach for your cleaning jobs. The noise level produced by this machine ranges from 67 to 81 dB, meaning that it is not too quiet, yet not too loud when you use it in normal operations.

With the large suction power capable of producing 153 CFM, you can clean up various kinds of dust, debris, and other particles with ease. It can use up to 1100-Watt power for its operations, but the lower the settings you use, the less power it will consume.

Another highlighted feature from FEIN Turbo II X AC HEPA is the HEPA filtering system that you can rely on to clean up various dust and liquid particles from your workshop or garage without having to sacrifice the service life of your machine. It also has an automatic filter cleaning system, so you don’t need to clean the filter with manual methods, as the machine will keep the filtering system clean for you. This means uninterrupted cleaning work for you and a faster cleaning result.

FEIN Turbo II X AC HEPA also comes with an ergonomic transport design that allows you to transport the machine from place to place without having to worry about storing it. You will have the storage system ready for the equipment along with the accessories, which includes the case, accessory fastening, and handle. It is also compatible with various tool cases.

With the high potential electric power consumption, you don’t need to worry about spicing up the current when you use this machine. FEIN Turbo II X AC HEPA has the soft powering on a system that allows you to start the machine while causing no spikes in the currents, so you can keep the electricity stable in your garage or workshop.

With your purchase, you can get various accessories that include a handguard, tool coupling with suction control, step adapter, HEPA filter, disposable bag, metal extension tubes, and more. You can also have potential accessories that include anti-static tool coupling, flat pleated filter, aluminium combination tool, cable holder, and more.

Nilfisk AERO 26-21

7. Nilfisk AERO 26-21

Key Features

  • AutoOnOff
  • Soft clean
  • Push start
  • 25 litres tank capacity

Nilfisk AERO 26-21 is the lightweight and compact shop vac model that you can rely on to perform smaller cleaning jobs around the garage, workshop, or job sites. The compact and ergonomic design makes it easy for you to move it around during the cleaning jobs, and it is also very easy for you to pack in and move it to a different place. The noise level it produces during normal operations is around 64 decibels.

You might find other shop vacs to be bulky and difficult to move, but you can find the difference when using this shop vacuum model. The small size of Nilfisk AERO 26-21 doesn’t prevent you from producing the best cleaning result, as it can clean dust and liquid materials at around 99.9% efficiency. The tank capacity is 25 litres, and it is enough to handle most small to medium cleaning jobs around your workshop. Also, you can always empty up the tank several times if you need to work on heavier cleaning jobs.

This machine uses the filtering system called Push & Clean, which you can find in most AERO models from Nilfisk. The Push & Clean filtering system ensures that you can clean most dust and liquid materials, keeping the air and surroundings around the workshop clean while keeping the noise level at the minimum. You can also connect this machine with a drilling or sanding tool with its auto on and off power socket built into the machine.

The power you will use for Nilfisk AERO 26-21 is around 1250 Watt maximum or around 1000 Watt at its regular operations. The power system comes with the Soft Start function, meaning it doesn’t give you the spike in your electrical system when you start this machine for the first time. It also has quite a large suction power with a 3600 l/minute airflow rate and 210/21 mbar/kPa vacuum. It also has various safety features and extra suction power with L-class certification, ensuring the best user experience you can get with this machine.

Nilfisk AERO 26-21 comes with the PET fleece filter you can wash and reuse to keep the machine working in its proper condition. Also, it has a MultiFit accessory system that allows you to use various compatible accessories for this machine, so you can work with maximum flexibility in your cleaning jobs. There’s also the speed control option, allowing you to speed up or slow down the vacuuming process.

Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide

8. Shop-Vac SVX2 Stainless Steel

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • SVX2 motor
  • 6.5 horsepower

Shop-Vac SVX2 Stainless Steel is the wet/dry shop vacuum that features the SVX2 motor from the Shop-Vac brand. The difference between the SVX2 motor and the regular motor from Shop-Vac is that the SVX2 motor has the technology that allows it to draw the same high horsepower while maintaining a longer motor life.

This is the reason you get the 5-year warranty with your purchase of this model.

The good thing about Shop-Vac SVX2 Stainless Steel is that it has a stainless-steel tank that can store up to 16-gallon of dust and liquid materials. You can use this machine in the wet and dry settings, with the powerful 6.5 horsepower to provide you with the best suction power to clean your garage or workshop. Also, you can reach more areas around the workshop or job site because of the long 18 feet power cord and 8 feet hose length. It uses various filters to ensure the best cleaning results, such as a cartridge filter, foam sleeve, and disposable filter bag.

In terms of performance, you can rely on this shop vac to deliver the best suction power with the maximum airflow of 150 CFM, 72 inches sealed pressure, the electrical ratings of 120V 60Hz 12 Amps, and 370 peak air watts. The machine also has onboard accessory storage, which you can use to keep things simple for moving out the machine to other places along with the accessories.

With your purchase, you will get various accessories for this equipment, including a 2.5-inch diameter hose, extension wands, wet/dry floor nozzle, crevice tool, and dolly tool storage. The machine also has a blower feature that gives you the convenience to blow various dust particles away when you clean the outdoor environment of your garage or workshop.

The stainless-steel tank also has a tank drain system that allows you to empty the liquid materials from the tank just by opening the drain for a faster cleaning process.

Vacmaster VF408

9. Vacmaster VF408

Key features

  • Peak HP: 5†
  • Non-Marring Large Rear Wheels
  • Large Dust Sealed On/Off Switch

Vacmaster VF408 provides the quiet and powerful suction technology that allows you to perform small cleaning operations around the house and workshop. Its compact size allows you to clean up both dust and liquid materials around the garage area with a 4-gallon tank capacity.

Despite its compact tank size, it can still produce up to 5 horsepower in peak performance.

The machine has a design that allows you to handle it with ease, such as with the top handle design and durable casters that can ease the movements of the machine around your house or garage. A total of 25 feet for both the power cord and the hose can help you reach various hard-to-reach areas, making sure that you can clean every area around your house or workshop.

Vacmaster VF408 provides you with the HEPA filter technology that ensures you can clean the dust and debris around the shop or house while keeping the air clean and allergen-free. Also, with the 2-stage motor system, you can ensure that the vacuum operations stay quiet. You can also transport this machine around the house or garage with ease with the onboard hose and accessory storage.

The accessories you will get in your purchase include a crevice tool, a 7-feet vacuum hose, a multi-surface floor nozzle, extension wands, a utility nozzle or brush, a round dust brush, tool caddy, and the filters. The filters used for this machine include the washable cartridge filter, wet foam filter, and HEPA material exhaust filter. With your purchase, you will also get a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring that you get the best experience out of your purchase.

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The machine’s specs include 65 CFM, 125 air watts, 7 Amp motor, 64-in water lift, and 1-1/4 diameter hose.

Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide

10. RIDGID WD1450

Key Features

  • 6.0 Peak HP Motor
  • 3-layer Fine Dust Filter
  • 7′ Dual-Flex Locking Hose resists collapsing and adds 180˚ flexibility at both hose ends.

RIDGID WD1450 provides the heavy-duty shop vac that allows you to perform the heavy clean-ups in your garage, workshop, or job site with no problem. The 14-gallon tank with a rugged construction design makes it easy for you to clean wet and dry particles around the garage or job site areas with powerful suction technology.

The rugged construction of the tank still has a compact design to support the movements of the machine while you perform heavy-duty cleaning procedures.

In terms of power, RIDGID WD1450 provides you with the peak 6.0 HP motor to handle most cleaning jobs around the workshop areas. It has 4 swivel casters that allow you to have 360-degree mobility around the cleanup areas, making it easy for you to finish your cleaning job as fast as possible. Also, it consumes 11 amps and 120 voltage in regular operations, while producing 150 CFM air volume.

This machine also has a filtering system that uses 3-layer Fine Dust Filter, which can capture the fine dust particles around various surfaces in your garage, such as the drywall. Also, it features the powerful air exhaust airstream, which allows you to blow various debris from decks, garages, and sidewalks. For the perfect cleaning job, this is the machine worth using.

With your purchase, you will get various accessories included in the box, such as wet nozzle, utility nozzle, car nozzle, extension wands, and fine dust filter. RIDGID WD1450 uses the cartridge filter type, along with a 7-feet dual-flex hose that gives you 180-degree flexibility when you use it. It also has a locking mechanism for the hose to ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions for you.

You can minimize the noise level of this machine by just changing the airflow through the vacuum, which is available in the settings. So, you can control the flow of air of this machine to make it operate in a quieter mode of operation. You can also store your accessories in the onboard accessory storage for easier mobility.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ PWV200B

11. Ryobi 18V ONE+ PWV200B

Key Features

  • Four 360° caster wheels
  • Cordless
  • Removable top for easy emptying

Ryobi 18V ONE+ PWV200B offers the cordless shop vacuum solution you can use to clean the garage or workshop for small cleaning jobs. It comes with a 4.75-gallon tank built in a stainless-steel tub to make it more durable to use.

Also, it uses the ONE+ system, meaning that it will be compatible with other tools provided by Ryobi. You can use the same hardware platform for various needs, such as drilling, cleaning, sewing, and more.

With the cordless design, you don’t need to worry about the power cord impeding your cleaning sessions. Also, the battery can give you the optimal power every time you use it, so you don’t need to worry about it getting drained during use. It has 18V power for the battery, so you can always rely on it for every cleaning job or other construction jobs you want to do with this tool.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ PWV200B gives you up to 40 CFM suction power for regular cleaning jobs around your workshop. The vacuum hose gives you the flexibility to move it around and clean any dry or wet materials around the garage or workshop. Also, with the 40 CFM suction power and the compact 4.75-gallon tank, you can keep the machine working without producing loud noises.

This machine includes the four-caster wheels that allow you to move it around in 360-degree movements, so you can reach any area around your garage and clean it. However, please note that the suction power is not quite strong for cleaning large debris or particles around your garage, and it’s not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

With your purchase, you will get a 3-year limited warranty and various accessories included, such as a 5-foot hose, plastic tubes, floor nozzle, crevice tool, foam filter, and cartridge filter. You can use various additional tools and plug them into the base ONE+ system, providing you with plenty of advantages for any work you need to do at the job site or workshop.

Quietest Shop Vacs & Buying Guide

12. Craftsman Ultra-Quiet 4-Gallon Portable Vacuum

Key Features

  • 10-inch combo brush
  • 15-foot cord length
  • Multi-stage HEPA filtration system

For your portable cleaning needs around the garage or workshop area, Craftsman Ultra-Quiet 4-Gallon Portable Vacuum is one of the best choices you can get. The compact 4-gallon size of this machine allows you to clean any kind of mess around the garage, whether it’s a dry or liquid mess.

Also, the ultra-quiet operation allows you to use this tool without having to worry about making loud noises along the way.

Craftsman Ultra-Quiet 4-Gallon Portable Vacuum has a multi-stage HEPA filtration system, meaning that it can clean up even the tiniest dust particles that fill up your garage or workshop. The HEPA filtration system also lets you clean your workshop or garage environment without creating air pollution along the way, as the filtering system allows you to suck up the dirt and debris without scattering them everywhere.

This machine doesn’t have a blower system, so you can’t use it as a blower for outdoor cleaning. However, it comes with a 10-inch combo brush that allows you to clean various surfaces around the garage or workshop area. The turbo motor ensures you can get the best suction power for medium cleaning jobs, and even when you put it on high settings, the machine stays in quiet mode.

It has the ergonomic handle type that allows you to use the machine with ease, moving it around from one place to another with no problem. The portability factor also helps you to reach every area around the workshop with ease.

It has a 15-foot cord length along with a 7-foot vacuum hose length to keep it easy for you to reach the nook and cranny of your garage areas during the cleaning jobs. Your purchase for Craftsman Ultra-Quiet 4-Gallon Portable Vacuum will come with a 2-year warranty period. Also, the machine can produce up to 5 horsepower in normal operations.

What is a Shop Vac?

What is a shop vac? Is it necessary for you to use a shop vacuum? Before delving deeper into the product selection, you need to understand why shop vacs are necessary. First, to clean the workshop, you need a vacuum cleaner that can clean all the larger debris, scrap materials, sawdust, and many others. You just can’t do it by using the regular vacuum cleaner you often use for cleaning your carpet. You need a bigger and larger vacuum cleaner with more powerful suction to do all the heavy-duty work in cleaning your workshop.

So, shop vac or often called the workshop vacuum cleaner is just the vacuum cleaner equipment that gives you the capability of vacuuming the larger types of dust and debris, which you often produce around the workshop. It is necessary and important for you to use a shop vac to clean your workshop instead of using the regular vacuum cleaner. The powerful suction that it has will give you the capability to ensure that all the workshop debris and dust can go into the vacuum canister.

This is something you can’t do with the regular vacuum cleaner machine. You might damage your regular vacuum cleaner machine if you use it to clean your workshop. However, the primary drawback of the shop vac is the noise it produces. It can produce loud noises that are annoying for you, for your family, and for the neighbourhood.

Why Shop Vacs Produce Loud Noises?

Many shop vacs will produce loud noises. So, when you shop for a regular shop vac, you will get the one that will often produce quite a loud noise every time you use it. It’s the primary reason you need to pick the quiet shop vac if you want to use this equipment in your workshop or garage without having to deal with too much noise. So, be sure to check the recommendations in this guide to find the best shop vacuums with the quietest noise on the market today.

There are various reasons the shop vacs can produce loud noises. We will not get into the nitty-gritty of the reasons here, nor will we talk too much about the technical aspects. However, here are the common reasons shop vacs produce loud noises when you use them:

  • Large Motor. First, the larger the motor, the more noise it will produce. Shop vacs will base their primary operations on the motor installed in the equipment, so a larger motor often means noisier sound as it uses more power and more movements in the motor.
  • Fan. The suction power used to clean the debris and other materials in the workshop come from the fan built inside the equipment, which is connected to the large motor. The bigger the fan or the lower quality the fan, the noisier it will be.
  • Full Canister. The canister is the place to store all the debris, sawdust, and other materials you have cleaned with the shop vacuum, so consider it as the garbage bin for the shop vacs. The fuller the canister, the more the equipment will make noise for you. So, it’s important to empty the canister before using the shop vac.
  • Dirty Filter. You can also hear louder noises from the shop vacs when the filter is dirty. Keeping the filter clean is the best bet to keep the noise level down. A dirty filter can cause loud noises and less effective cleaning for your shop vacuum.
  • Broken/Dirty Hose. It’s the same with the hose. You will hear louder noises when the hose is dirty or broken, as it will force the machine to work harder, thus producing more movements for the motor and the fan, causing louder noises.

The Recommended Noise Level for Quiet Shop Vacs

To know the best noise level for quiet shop vacs, you need to know about the noise level measurement in dB (decibel). The quiet shop vacs will produce a noise level of around 60 dB, which is already low enough compared to the usual shop vacs, which can produce a noise level of 75 dB or more.

For a better understanding, some comparisons are in order. The noise level for the quiet room goes for around 40 dB, and the noise level for the room with some noise from the television might go up to 70 decibels. So, you know that a quiet shop vac will be less noisy when compared to the sound from the television, but you can still hear it in a quiet room. Most quiet shop vacuums will produce a noise level of 60-65 dB, and if you can find the one with less than 60 dB, it will be better and even quieter.

Just so you know, the human ears can only withstand loud noises up to a certain noise level, which is around 85 decibels. Exposing your ears to noise over 85 dB in a long term will damage your ears. So, it’s best to choose a shop vac equipment that produces quiet noise, which allows you to work on cleaning your workshop with more peace of mind.

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Some Best Quiet Shop-Vac Brands

There are many brands that provide the quiet shop vac models you can rely on. However, please note that you shouldn’t just focus on their brand name. Focus also on the shop vac features that they provide for you, and also, you need to know if the customers feel satisfied with their purchase. Since many brands can produce different shop vac products, check and compare between their products before deciding.

Here are some best quiet shop vac brands:

  • Makita. Makita provides both corded and cordless dust extraction tools. They offer an automatic filter cleaning system, large suction power with an efficient filtration system, and more. Aside from shop vacuums, they also provide various tools for workspaces or construction sites.
  • DEWALT. DEWALT is another well-known brand that provides various tools for construction sites and workspaces. Their dust management tools allow you to clean the construction sites with powerful suction featuring the HEPA filter, automatic filter cleaning, built-in hose wrap, wet/dry applications, and more.
  • Vacmaster provides a variety of tools you can use to clean the garage or worksite with dry and wet vacuum capability. The powerful suction it provides allows you to clean even the most stubborn dust and debris around the worksite. They offer shop vacuums with different canister sizes.
  • FEIN. FEIN is a brand that provides various power tools geared toward professionals. It provides a range of dust extraction tools that can help you with the cleaning of your work area. You can use their tools for dry or wet vacuuming, with various accessories available to enhance their features.

Quiet Shop Vacs Buying Guide

Are you looking for a shop vac to clean your garage, workshop, or job site? Cleaning the garage, workshop, or job site is a difficult and often complicated task to do. You will not deal with the regular dust and debris you can often find around your house. You’ll deal with the dust particles that are bigger than the regular household dust and debris. Also, you need to clean various liquid stains or materials that often require big suction power from your vacuum cleaner machine to clean them.

The regular vacuum cleaner won’t be able to perform the regular cleaning job for the garage, workshop, or the job site. You need a bigger and more powerful vacuum cleaner machine, which is where shop vacs will come into place. With the shop vacs, you can perform the vacuum cleaning procedures that require a stronger suction power, allowing you to clean particles like sawdust, broken glasses, and other messes often found in the workshops.

There are plenty of great shop vac models you can find on the market today. However, they will use a bigger power input to operate, since they produce a bigger suction power than the regular vacuum cleaners. They also use large motors to make it possible for the vacuum hose to clean the various materials around the garage or workshop areas. Thus, most shop vacuums will produce loud noises that might be uncomfortable for your ears. This is the reason most construction workers use ear protectors when they operate this type of cleaning machine, as it might damage the ears when you expose your ears to loud noises for a long period.

Quiet shop vacs become a better alternative for anyone who wants to clean their garage or workshop without having to deal with the loud noises. The quiet shop vacs will still give you the same powerful suction for your everyday garage or workshop cleaning jobs, but it will not give you the loud noises the same way most regular shop vacs do. Here are some features to look for when buying a quiet shop vac:

  1. Cord vs Cordless Design

There are two types of shop vacs you can find on the market today. The first type is the corded design, and the second type is the cordless design. It’s all about the power supply used to operate the machine. The corded vacuums use the regular wall outlets to supply power to the machine’s motor and the entire machine’s operations. The cordless vacuums use the rechargeable battery as the primary source of power.

Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages. For corded design, make sure that you choose the machine that has long power cords, as it will give you easier movements during your cleaning sessions. For the cordless design, you need to pick the one that has a reliable battery system that you can use to operate the machine throughout the cleaning sessions without having to recharge it over and over.

  1. Noise Level

The noise level is a very important aspect you need to look for since we are talking about the buying guide for quiet shop vacs. Buying a regular shop vac might give you enough capacity to clean your garage, workshop, or job site. However, you might need to look at the noise level produced by the machine during normal operations if you want to feel comfortable using it unless you are using the machine to clean the construction site.

For most shop vacs, the larger the motor and the larger the power suction, the louder it will be. Also, the noise level will depend on the technology used by the machine. A good quiet shop vac should only produce around 60-70 decibels of noise level during normal operations. The quieter noise will give you a better experience when you use it, even though it doesn’t have the highest suction power. When a machine produces over 70 decibels, you might need to look at whether you can change the settings to lower the suction power and the noise level.

  1. Suction Power

The suction power of the quiet shop vac will determine its effectiveness in cleaning up various debris, dust, and liquid materials around your garage or workshop. The diameter of the hose will also affect the suction power it can produce during normal machine operations. Also, the bigger the suction power, the better it will be in cleaning various types of debris and liquid particles around the garage.

The suction power will also make a machine to be suitable for specific cleaning types. For instance, the bigger suction power will make the machine to be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning procedures. The lower suction power will make it only be suitable for medium or small-scale cleaning procedures. However, please note that the bigger suction power the machine has, the louder it will be and the more power it will use.

  1. Tank Size

Depending on how you will use the machine, the size of the tank will matter when choosing a good quiet shop vac. The tank will allow you to store various dust, debris, and liquid mess around the garage or workshop area. So, if you have a small garage or workshop, you might not need to use a shop vac with a big tank size. Instead, you can use the machine with a smaller tank size to fit it for the job.

The size is not only the aspect that matters for you. You also should look for various features on the tank or canister of the shop vac. Some machines might give you additional features for the tank, such as the drainage system for liquid materials. Also, there’s the feature of blower attachment you can use in some machines. Depending on your needs, choose the machine that offers these additional features for your cleaning convenience.

  1. Ergonomics Design

The ergonomics design of the shop vac can also help you in using it for cleaning around the workshop area. With the ergonomics design, it will be convenient for you to handle the machine and to move it around the cleaning area. It will also be easy to handle when you need to reach different areas around the shop, such as the hard-to-reach areas.

The ergonomics design of the machine often comes with a comfortable handle, wheels, and the portability factor that makes it easy for you to handle the machine during normal operations. To choose the best quiet shop vac, be sure to look for its ergonomics. It won’t do you any good to use a machine that is not comfortable to handle, even though it can produce high suction power.

  1. Accessory Options

Most shop vacs will come with the accompanying accessories when you purchase them. However, only some good brands will offer you plenty of accessory options for your shop vac. A good shop vac should offer you various accessory options which you can use, allowing you to use the machine for various purposes. The accessories you get in your purchase might not be enough for you to handle all the cleaning jobs in your workshop.

With various accessory options, you can add the accessories that you need to enhance the features of the machine for further use. You don’t want to get stuck with one machine and not able to complete your cleaning jobs around the workshop area unless you buy another machine capable of doing that. Thus, with some accessory options, you can still use the same machine to perform the cleaning tasks you need to complete just by adding some accessories to it.

  1. Portability

Last but not least, the portability factor should be the aspect you need to check out before buying a shop vac. Will it be easy for you to transport from one place to another? Does it have the accessory storage option for you to store the basic accessories in the machine? You also need to check if the vacuum hose is easy to store once you’ve used it for the cleaning jobs.

You can also choose a shop vac that is compact and small. But, it’s also good to choose the bigger size shop vacuum if you can transport it from place to place with ease. No matter the size of the machine, it will be great for you to have a portable machine you can move around with no problem, whether during the cleaning sessions or after you’ve done the cleaning jobs.


Which quiet shop vac you should buy in 2021? You’ve learned about how to choose the right shop vac to use in your workshop or garage. It all comes down to your needs. For the garage or workshop around the neighbourhood, it is better to use the quiet shop vac type, as you need to keep the noise as low as possible while you clean up the garage. Also, you need to consider the additional features such as tank drain system, filtering system, blower capability, tank capacity, power capacity, suction power, and more.

This guide has the best quietest shop vacs you can use today, which offer unique features and benefits for you. Choose the one based on your preferences and needs. Remember that sometimes, brand names don’t matter. What matters most is the features and functionality you can use out of the equipment. Happy shopping!