How to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet? 6 Tested Ways

It’s so satisfying to see our pets enjoying themselves on the carpet, playing, sitting, or just having a good time. But sometimes, we need to deal with the aftereffects of such an enjoyable activity for our pets. Our pets often leave their hair on the carpet, and their fur on the carpet might annoy us to no end.

You need to balance between having fun with your pets and your willingness to take care of their mess. Their hair sticking on the carpet is one problem that most pet owners will experience from time to time.

The sticking of the hair itself is not a problem for many of us. But removing their sticky hair from the carpet is the problem. It will involve some kind of hard work, some patience, and some time to spare.

Removing the pet hair out of the carpet might not be a pleasant thing to do. But there are many methods that you can follow to help you remove their fur from the carpet as soon as possible.

Some methods are very easy to do, and you don’t need to exert too much effort in doing so. You can clean the pet hair in just a few minutes.

How to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet?

Here are some methods to get the pet hair out of the carpet:

  1. Use the Vacuum Cleaner First

A vacuum cleaner is an important tool you need to have when you have many carpets placed in your house. It is the easiest way to clean your carpet, but the regular vacuum cleaner often cannot clean the sticky pet hair on the carpet.

However, using the vacuum cleaner will provide you with the general cleaning routine that can help you clean most of the pet fur out of the carpet.

Once you have done the vacuuming activity, you can just clean the remaining pet hair on the carpet by using the methods below. Often, you only need to clean a small amount of sticky and remaining pet hair from your carpet.

  1. Carpet Rake is a Good Option to Remove Sticky Pet Hair from the Carpet

A carpet rake is a tool you need to have if you want to clean the carpet from stray and sticky pet hair that is difficult to clean with the vacuum cleaner.

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By using the simple carpet rake tool, which you can get from Amazon or any other online or offline retailer, you can comb and brush your carpet and make it look good as new, and of course, with no pet hair.

You will need to use this tool by brushing it on the carpet, even more so in the areas where you can find sticky pet hair. Use the carpet rake and use it to push the hair out of the carpet. Next, you can use the broom to clean the pet hair on the floor.

  1. The Good Old Method of Using Baking Soda Can be Worth a Try

Aside from cleaning the pet stains or urine, you can also use baking soda to clean the remaining sticky pet hair from the carpet. This is a homemade cleaning product that has many uses, which makes it easier for pet owners to clean up the mess of their pets.

To use the baking soda, you just need to sprinkle it around the areas where you can find the sticky pet fur lingering on the carpet. Spread the baking soda to cover all areas where the pet hair is on.

After that, wait for a few minutes and vacuum the carpet right away. You can see that the lingering pet hair will vanish, and also, baking soda can help you freshen your carpet and make it smell good.

  1. There’s a Product Called Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner You Should Try

The pet hair vacuum cleaner is a fantastic product that can help you end the problem of sticky pet hair on your carpet once and for all. It’s a specialized vacuum cleaner product with the primary function to remove pet hair from your carpet.

So, unlike the regular vacuum cleaner, which often cannot remove sticky pet hair from the carpet, this product can help you perform a thorough cleaning for pet fur.

You can find this product in most online retailers today or in your local department stores. It might be on the expensive side, but when you consider the long-term benefits, you might one to get this one product ready for as long as you plan to keep pets at home.

  1. You Can Also Use the Regular Sponge from Your Kitchen

The regular sponge that you often use in the kitchen can also help you remove the sticky pet hair from the carpet. Since it has a rough texture, you can use it to brush your carpet and wipe the pet hair out of the carpet with very little effort.

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Even more so, you don’t need to use any additional cleaning materials to perform this cleaning procedure.

One thing that you need to take note of when using the kitchen sponge is that you need to perform a thorough vacuuming of the carpet first.

Then, you can use the sponge to wipe the sticky pet hair from the carpet, or if the fur is still sticky, you can dampen the sponge a bit with water before you perform the cleaning process.

  1. The Rubber Gloves Can Also Clean the Pet Hair Fast from the Carpet

Another simple tool you can use to clean the pet hair out of the carpet is the rubber gloves. You can wear rubber gloves and use them as the means to wipe out the sticky hair from the carpet.

The rubber material will work best to help remove any sticky fur from the carpet, and it is effortless to do. Also, the pet hair, whether it is cat or dog hair, will stick on the gloves when you use them.

You need to bring a big bowl of warm water with you if you plan to use rubber gloves to clean the pet hair. Also, you will cover the rubber gloves with pet fur as soon as you use them to clean the carpet, so you need warm water to remove the sticky pet hair from your rubber gloves.

With this method, you need to wash your rubber gloves with warm water from time to time until you wipe out all the sticky hair from the carpet areas. After that, you can enjoy the clean carpet with no fur on it.

Tips: Preventing Your Pets from Leaving Too Much Hair on the Carpet

Sometimes, your pets might leave too much hair on the carpet more than usual. This can be problematic, as different factors might cause this condition to happen. For instance, your pets might not be healthy.

Or, you might see that your pets remove too much hair than they do as usual because of a poor diet. Another factor might be stress. When your pets are feeling stressed, they might remove more hair than usual as the result.

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When you have this problem, consult with your vet about the condition of your pets, as the vet will give you suggestions or even treatment to stop the condition. Thus, it can help prevent the pets from leaving too much hair on the carpet later.

Also, clean your pets at least twice every week. Take them on a bath to help them clean their fur and their body. It can also help you prevent them from shedding too much hair on the carpet.

Take care of your pets and keep them happy. Feed them with foods that give good nutrition for their body. It can help you prevent the problem of pet hair on the carpet, or at least minimize it.


These are the methods you can follow to clean the pet hair from your carpet. You should follow these methods to remove sticky pet hair from the carpet and keep the carpet clean.

You don’t need to scold your cats or dogs for playing on the carpet. Instead, prepare the tools which can help clean your carpet from their fur later. Most of the cleaning procedures are very easy to do.

Vacuuming your carpet every day is also a necessary routine you should do to keep your carpet clean and to provide the general cleaning routine to remove pet hair from the carpet.

Doing this alone can help you remove 60% or more pet hair from the carpet before you can perform thorough cleaning procedures using the methods explained above.

Also, be sure to keep your cats, dogs, and other pets in excellent care. Remember, they rely on you to take care of them. So, don’t blame them for dirtying the carpet if you don’t give them proper care.

Pets won’t make trouble for you if you keep them happy, healthy, and stress-free. It is your job to do so as the pet owner, and it can also help prevent them from making any other mess on the carpet later.